Senators Unveil Bipartisan Bill To Protect Americans’ Personal Data From ‘Harmful Actors’ in China, Elsewhere

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A bipartisan brace of senators connected Tuesday introduced authorities they accidental volition support Americans’ delicate personal data from China and elsewhere.

Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) unveiled the Protecting Sensitive Personal Data Act of 2021 (pdf) which seeks to grow the oversight authorization of the Committee connected Foreign Investment successful the United States (CFIUS) implicit transactions that whitethorn impact the delicate idiosyncratic information of Americans.

The CFIUS is simply a U.S. interagency sheet overseen by the Treasury Department that scrutinizes overseas deals for nationalist information implications.

The authorities would grow the panel’s authorization to contented regulations that necessitate mandatory declarations to overseas investments successful U.S. companies that support oregon cod delicate idiosyncratic data.

The senators accidental the authorities would support delicate information, including familial trial results, wellness conditions, and security applications. It would besides support fiscal hardship data, information clearance information, geolocation data, backstage emails, information for generating authorities identification, and recognition reports, Rubio and Warnock outlined successful a press release.

Rubio said successful a connection that Americans should beryllium “deeply concerned” astir overseas investments successful American companies that grip idiosyncratic information.

These companies “pose a hazard of exposing idiosyncratic data, similar familial investigating results and backstage fiscal transactions, to harmful actors successful China and elsewhere,” Rubio said.

The Republican legislator added, “We request to fortify CFIUS’s oversight authorization of these transactions to support Americans and mitigate this superior nationalist information threat.”

“We indispensable bash everything successful our powerfulness to support the idiosyncratic information and accusation of our constituents and governmental agencies from overseas entities that whitethorn privation to exploit them,” Warnock added.

The senators noted successful their associated merchandise that determination are presently constricted circumstances successful which CFIUS is capable to necessitate companies to marque a mandatory declaration anterior to completing a transaction.

Foreign concern is 1 of the ineligible means that adversaries, similar the People’s Republic of China, uses to stockpile Americans’ wellness attraction data, creating some privateness and nationalist information risks,” they said.

Beijing has for years been collecting ample amounts of American wellness attraction data, utilizing amerciable methods specified arsenic cyber hacking, investments successful American biotech companies, and partnerships with hospitals and universities to summation entree to delicate information.

Shenzhen-based institution Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), for example, has been antecedently flagged by lawmakers for purchasing U.S. companies. On Sept. 30, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) connected Sept. 30 called connected the Biden medication to blacklist the BGI and others, saying that it is moving to “undercut the planetary DNA sequencing market” utilizing authorities subsidies.

In February, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) said successful a information expanse (pdf) that immense amounts of genomic accusation (a person’s full familial sequence) tin substance developments successful the cutting-edge tract of precision medicine (or personalized medicine), allowing China to overtake the United States to go a planetary person successful biotech.

Such information tin besides beryllium weaponized to people individuals successful the state for quality and subject operations, according to the NCSC.

Cathy He contributed to this report.

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