Sending news behind bars

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Lawrence Bartley has accomplished a lot: aggregate degrees, a mates of kids — and he's the manager of a nationalist quality publication. 

But connected his mode there, helium served 27 years down bars. 

"People successful there, are conscionable similar radical retired here. They laugh, they cry, immoderate radical are precise honorable, immoderate radical are dishonorable," said Bartley. 

But Bartley says 1 of the astir startling differences betwixt beingness earlier and aft situation is entree to information. 

"On the inside, there's nary internet, there's nary streaming, everything has to beryllium approved," said Bartley. "We person aged texts, antiquated stuff. It's akin to being a mechanic that tin lone enactment connected a 1973 Buick, but past you get retired successful the escaped world, and they person Teslas. You consciousness inadequate." 

Bartley joined The Marshall Project erstwhile helium was released successful 2018. The Marshall Project is a assistance and donation funded quality work specifically focused connected transgression justice. It won a Pulitzer successful 2021. 

As helium was making his mode done the articles online, helium considered however overmuch much adjuvant the accusation would've been earlier his release. 

"I knew that I wasn't capable to get it due to the fact that determination was nary quality wrong erstwhile I was connected inside. But if I could make it, if I could curate each our articles, and bundle it successful a mode that situation administrators would judge it into the institutions, past I tin beryllium adjuvant to radical who are inactive in. That's precisely what I did," said Bartley. 

How bash  you marque   a quality    story? Here's our step-by-step process

How bash you marque a quality story? Here's our step-by-step process

Scripps News pulls backmost the curtain connected however we make a communicative from commencement to finish, from an thought to your screen.


News Inside is a escaped people mag specifically made for incarcerated people. 

In the 4 years since Lawrence Bartley printed his archetypal magazine, he's managed to get it circulated successful 44 states and much than a 1000 situation facilities crossed the country. 

"People scope retired to maine saying 'I didn't cognize that I could ballot successful my authorities erstwhile I get out,'" said Bartley. "There are individuals who accidental 'I emotion this 'Case successful Point' that you each publish. I utilized immoderate of that connection successful bid to determination the tribunal connected my behalf connected appeal.'" 

The mag includes the Marshall Project's work, a peer-to-peer file and adjacent a comic strip. 

"My begetter was successful situation for a while, my member was successful situation for a while, it's precise idiosyncratic for me," said Ben Passmore.

Passmore is simply a nonrecreational cartoonist who works connected News Inside's comic strip, "The Peeps." 

"What I spot arsenic my occupation is however to usage the connection of comics to truly benignant of amusement the benignant of communicative that Lawrence is trying to tell," said Passmore. 

Bartley writes the comics himself and believes having alternatives to accepted people articles is particularly important for the prison population

"I cognize that a batch of radical person literacy issues. So, immoderate radical tin get quality done comic strips," said Bartley. "It ever deals with existent issues that incarcerated radical face. And it ever has a twist of humor." 

Prison Policy Initiative

According to the Prison Policy Initiative prisoners are acold much apt to struggle with literacy

"I consciousness honored to marque this, you know, silly small comic that that goes, that goes inside," said Passmore. 

The Marshall Project has plans to people News Inside successful antithetic languages and grow to each 50 states. 

"From being a young kid wrong of a situation mode northbound of the state, tucked into solitary confinement, which is simply a situation successful the situation — to beryllium wherever I americium present is simply a humbling acquisition and a blessing that I bash not instrumentality for granted," said Bartley.