Shan Smith: 5 Things To Know About The Dominating ‘Survivor’ Player

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Being connected a losing people successful ‘Survivor’ is ne'er good, but Shan Smith has utilized it arsenic an accidental to amusement disconnected her dominating gameplay successful play 41.

Shantel “Shan” Smith has had her tribemates eating retired of the thenar of her manus connected play 41 of Survivor truthful far. Shan is connected the Ua tribe, and they haven’t had overmuch luck successful challenges. The people has been to 4 of the six tribal councils truthful far, and Shan has been the 1 to marque astir of the large decisions astir who would beryllium getting voted out. The pastor has navigated the crippled by getting her tribemates to spot her wholeheartedly, without realizing that she’s playing them behind-the-scenes.

Now, Shan finds herself connected a people of conscionable 2 people, with lone herself and her fig 1 ally, Ricard Foye, remaining. Last week’s occurrence showed the archetypal motion of hostility betwixt Shan and Ricard. She gave him her other ballot vantage to clasp onto successful lawsuit she mislaid her ballot by opening the “beware” immunity idol. Since some different tribes besides recovered their immunity idols, though, Shan didn’t suffer her vote, but erstwhile she asked Ricard for the other ballot vantage back, helium refused. Shan stuck with Ricard to ballot retired Genie Chen, but the cracks successful their confederation had already been exposed — and with a imaginable merge coming up, that’s ne'er good! Learn much astir Shan below:

1. Shan Is A Pastor

shan smithShan Smith connected play 41 of ‘Survivor.’ (CBS)

Shan is 34-years aged and works arsenic a pastor successful Toronto, Canada. A hard puerility led Shan to her existent career. After facing galore demons erstwhile she was younger, Shan became suicidal arsenic a teenager. A person helped her find her faith, which si what led to her existent vocation arsenic a pastor. Despite her wholesome job, though, Shan isn’t acrophobic to prevarication and manipulate successful bid to marque it further on Survivor!

2. Shan Was In A Gang

When Shan was younger, her parent dealt with cause addiction, which led to Shan ending up successful foster care. During those years, she got wrapped up successful a gang. Shan says that her past successful a pack is thing that radical would ne'er cognize from looking astatine her, but it intelligibly defined portion of her childhood.

“I was homeless, I was surviving connected the streets,” she told Parade. “When you’re successful that environment, you brushwood a ton of antithetic people. You look a fig of circumstances that astir radical conscionable don’t astir apt look successful their life, and you truly larn however to work radical — some cops and radical who unrecorded connected the streets who accidental that you’re friends.”

3. Shan’s Mother Passed Away

On the Oct. 20 occurrence of Survivor, Shan opened up to chap contestant, Liana Wallace, astir her past — including her narration with her mother. When Shan was successful foster care, she mislaid interaction with her mom, but they luckily reconnected aboriginal successful Shan’s life. Sadly, her parent passed away, but by that time, she and Shan had a steadfast narration erstwhile again.

In fact, Shan adjacent says that her ma is her hero. “I saw her combat her demons until her dying breath,” she revealed successful her CBS bio. “She experienced truthful overmuch symptom successful her life, and my puerility was dark, twisted and complicated, but she was an highly hardworking, Italian woman. She ever made definite I had a extortion implicit my caput and luncheon wealth successful my pockets. She did the champion she could and I’m grateful. She gave maine the champion beingness she knew however and loved maine with each the emotion she had successful her. She is my representation of quality and strength.”

4. Shan Viewed Jeff Probst As A Parental Figure When She Was A Child

Years earlier competing on Survivor, Shan had a transportation to big Jeff Probst that was dissimilar the galore contestants earlier her. In an interrogation with Parade, Shan revealed that she watched Survivor portion successful the foster attraction system, and looked astatine Jeff arsenic the parental fig who she did not person successful her existent life.

shan smith ricard foyeShan Smith and Ricard Foye connected the Oct. 27 occurrence of ‘Survivor.’ (CBS)

“I didn’t truly person a batch of parenting voices successful my life,” she said. “Jeff Probst benignant of became that parenting voice. When helium encouraged the players to excavation deep, those were the messages I carried with me. That yet enactment myself done precocious school, college, grad schoolhouse and doctoral work. So the amusement has truly had a large interaction connected me, not conscionable surviving, bu winning and thriving successful life.”

5. Shan Was In Therapy

Shan is not acrophobic to admit that she utilized therapy to assistance get done the hard parts of her past. In fact, she says that “doing the hard enactment successful therapy” is her astir arrogant accomplishment. “[I’m arrogant of] confronting my demons, moving done the symptom and the feelings of injustice and past being consenting to cultivate a narration with those who fto maine down erstwhile I was little,” she revealed.