Shar Jackson Admits She’d ‘Definitely Be Down’ For A ‘Moesha’ Revival: I Love The Cast ‘Dearly’

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Exclusive Interview

October 27, 2021 10:00AM EDT

Shar Jackson looks backmost connected ‘Moesha’s bequest and revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what it would instrumentality to marque a revival hap aft 25 years.

Moesha turned 25 years aged this year, and the bid remains 1 of the deed teen shows of the ’90s. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Shar Jackson, who played Niecy Jackson connected the show, astir a imaginable revival successful the future.

“I would decidedly beryllium down,” Shar told HollywoodLife portion discussing her caller amusement Celebrity Exorcism. “It would truly person to beryllium strategical connected however they would enactment it together. I deliberation that’s what it would travel down to… however they enactment it together, considering we person mislaid truthful galore astonishing radical from our amusement — Yvette Wilson, Lamont Bentley, Bernie Mac, I mean, the database goes connected and on, unfortunately. So it would conscionable beryllium a substance of them putting thing unneurotic that made consciousness wherever we could inactive correspond and amusement emotion for the radical that aren’t determination anymore, fixed their astonishing endowment to that product.”

Shar Jackson Shar Jackson arsenic Niecy connected ‘Moesha.’ (Paramount/Everett Collection)

The bid ran from 1996 to 2001. Shar remembered the reunion the Moesha formed had connected The Real successful 2017 and said it was “super exciting” due to the fact that “the full pack hadn’t been unneurotic successful a agelong time, particularly for a pleasant acquisition due to the fact that the past clip we had each seen each different was, unfortunately, the passing of 1 of our formed members. It was astonishing to person each of america together. It’s conscionable a clump of laughter and bully times and reminiscing.”

The histrion gushed that she “absolutely” keeps successful interaction with co-star Brandy aft each these years. “We worked unneurotic for astir 7 years, and we were successful each other’s faces 16 hours a day. You person nary prime but to look astatine them arsenic family. You know, adjacent if household doesn’t talk each azygous day, the infinitesimal you guys spot each other, the infinitesimal you request thing oregon they request whatever, you ever scope retired and that’s what we do. I emotion those guys truthful dearly.”

moeshaThe formed of ‘Moesha.’ (Paramount/Everett Collection)

Shar is presently starring alongside Jodie Sweetin and Metta World Peace successful the peculiar Celebrity Exorcism. Shar, Jodie, and Metta enroll successful a paranormal footwear campy earlier journeying to exorcise an iconic haunted determination successful Los Angeles. The peculiar is disposable present connected Tubi.