She’s 30 now! Young Jennifer Garner in ‘13 Going on 30’ all grown up

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Christa Allen Christa B. Allen played a 13-year-old mentation of Jennifer Garner's quality Jenna Rink successful the 2004 rom-com. Left: courtesy of @christaallen;

Jenna Rink is each grown up!

Christa B. Allen, who famously played a younger mentation of Jennifer Garner’s quality successful 2004’s “13 Going connected 30,” conscionable turned 30 connected Thursday.

Allen portrayed 13-year-old Jenna Rink, who wishes that she could aftermath up 1 time and beryllium transformed into a glamorous 30-year-old successful the chick flick.

To observe the large day milestone, the “Revenge” prima created a bid of five abbreviated clips called “Vienna” and posted them connected her societal media accounts. The miniseries shows Allen talking with her “13-year-old self.”

“Vienna” references the Billy Joel song that played during a debased constituent successful Jenna’s beingness successful the movie. Allen’s alleged “13-year-old self” is played by her person Lana Fleischli. The teen challenges Allen to deliberation agelong and hard astir the adjacent signifier of her beingness and gives her immoderate proposal to beryllium contiguous and to beryllium patient.

“When I started my TikTok travel 2 years ago, I had nary thought however overmuch radical would emotion ’13 Going connected 30′ content. After respective videos went viral, fans were asking for a sequel by the hundreds. This abbreviated bid ‘Vienna’ is little of a sequel, much of a response. I anticipation you emotion it,” Allen tweeted anterior to releasing her shorts.

Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner and Judy Greer successful 2004’s “13 Going connected 30.”©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Eve

For Halloween past year, she dressed up arsenic big Jenna and shared a video successful which she reenacted a country from the movie. “Jenna Rink forever,” Allen captioned the clip. The country successful question is the 1 successful which Jenna rocks her iconic blue-and-green formal to a enactment her brag is hosting arsenic Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” plays successful the background.

In April, Allen posted a TikTok successful which she modeled fashions inspired by the rom-com.

Allen isn’t the lone 1 inspired by the movie, either. “The Voice” justice Ariana Grande besides dressed up similar Garner’s character for the amusement earlier this week.

“13 Going connected 30” besides starred Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer and Andy Serkis arsenic good arsenic young Brie Larson and a teenage Ashley Benson. The iconic movie was besides immortalized successful the video for Grande’s deed “Thank U, Next,” in which the vocalist played a mentation of young Jenna.

Garner, 49, and Ruffalo, 53, reunited earlier this year. “Reconnecting with an aged pal. Anyone cognize wherever we tin get Razzles successful Canada?” the “Marvel” histrion tweeted alongside a snapshot of the 2 hugging.