Shirin Ghaffary, Meredith Haggerty, Caroline Houck, Rebecca Jennings, Sara Morrison, Terry Nguyen, and Alanna Okun Promoted at Vox

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Swati Sharma, Vox editor-in-chief; Julia Rubin, Vox editorial manager of civilization & features; and Ryan McCarthy, Vox editorial manager for politics, policy, & society; and Samantha Oltman, exertion of Recode contiguous announced respective promotions crossed Vox. The caller roles listed beneath for Shirin Ghaffary, Meredith Haggerty, Caroline Houck, Rebecca Jennings, Sara Morrison, Terry Nguyen, and Alanna Okun reflect Vox’s ngo of providing clarity to its audience, and contextualizing the biggest stories — connected topics ranging from tech regularisation to net civilization to the retail scenery — successful approachable, helpful, and informative ways.

Shirin Ghaffary has been promoted to elder correspondent, and her bushed is present much focused: She’ll study connected societal media argumentation and its intersection with politics. In her four+ years astatine Recode/Vox, she’s covered societal media platforms, Big Tech companies, and tech labour movements by breaking large news, reporting ambitious investigative features, and penning astute and timely analysis. She besides co-hosted the Google play of our Land of the Giants communicative podcast series.

Meredith Haggerty has been promoted to elder exertion of culture. Meredith joined the institution six years agone arsenic Racked’s features editor, and besides helped motorboat The Goods arsenic a lawman editor. She has been a important person connected The Goods, publishing high-impact pieces similar Alex Abad-Santos’s SoulCycle diagnostic and projects that span the newsroom similar this summer’s consumerism package. She has specified crisp instincts erstwhile it comes to civilization sum — some large and tiny C — and we’re excited to person her pb the civilization team.

Caroline Houck has been promoted to senior lawman editor, argumentation & politics. In each relation she’s had astatine Vox, from her occupation arsenic part-time play exertion successful 2018 done her enactment arsenic lawman Washington editor, Caroline has risen to the infinitesimal erstwhile large quality hits portion keeping our sum connected way and organized down the scenes. Over the past fewer months, she coordinated our sum of the Afghanistan withdrawal, bringing clarity to readers astatine an exceptionally chaotic moment. Her thoughtful edits, crisp quality judgement and empathetic absorption has shaped our sum crossed a scope of beats — from lodging to the Supreme Court to overseas affairs.

Rebecca Jennings has been promoted to elder correspondent. Her reporting connected net civilization — and peculiarly the intersection of net culture, fame, and wealth — is essential. We are truthful excited to physique retired her play newsletter and experimentation successful audio, arsenic good arsenic person her proceed her ambitious longform substance enactment chronicling wherever we walk our attraction now.

Sara Morrison has been promoted to elder reporter, and her bushed is changing: She’ll screen antitrust scrutiny and regularisation of Big Tech. Since she joined Recode/Vox 2 years agone to screen privateness and idiosyncratic information for the Open Sourced project, Sara has published fantabulous stories connected privateness issues, but she’s besides shown she tin constitute sharp, accessible pieces astir a gamut of analyzable topics, similar Section 230, cybersecurity, and the Jan. 6 capitol riots.

Terry Nguyen has been promoted to the adjacent level of unit reporter. Terry has done specified invaluable enactment during her archetypal 2 years astatine Vox, reporting connected everything from manner behemoth Shein to Instagram activism to misinformation successful the Asian American community. We are thrilled to spot her dive adjacent deeper into her recently refined bushed covering retail and commerce, and to assistance explicate the mechanisms down the purchases we make.

Alanna Okun has been promoted to elder exertion of The Goods. Alanna initially came to Vox Media arsenic the essays exertion for Racked, and she helped motorboat The Goods arsenic a lawman editor. She has been a guiding unit for the section, from moving our marquee bid The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent (including an audio version! and a pre-pandemic IRL event!) to editing stellar longform enactment from Rebecca Jennings, arsenic good arsenic her deed net civilization newsletter. She volition proceed to counsel the Vox fellowship program.