Shock after Biden suggests Putin’s nuclear threats could mean ‘Armageddon’ – live

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What’s shocking astir Biden’s remark isn’t that Vladimir Putin is considering utilizing atomic weapons.

The Russian president has personally threatened to bash so arsenic his subject faces setbacks successful its bloody penetration of Ukraine. But erstwhile the US president – who has entree to accusation from America’s spy agencies that fewer others bash – warns that Putin is so serious, and compares the existent infinitesimal to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, past it’s thing else. The question is: what?

One anticipation is that the utterance was portion of the nationalist rhetoric run the White House has been waging to pass it against utilizing a atomic weapon. Last month, nationalist information advisor Jake Sullivan warned doing truthful would bring “catastrophic consequences”.

Speaking astatine a Democratic fundraiser past night, Biden acknowledged a level of uncertainty astir Russia’s goals, and however acold Putin was consenting to spell to execute them. “We are trying to fig retired what is Putin’s off-ramp? Where does helium find a mode out? Where does helium find himself wherever helium does not lone suffer look but important power?” Biden said.

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Shock arsenic Biden suggests Putin's atomic threats could mean 'Armageddon'

Good morning, US politics blog readers. The occupation of an American president often involves reassuring oregon comforting the federation during uncertain times. Joe Biden alternatively gave Americans a blunt appraisal of world past night, erstwhile helium suggested that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was not kidding with his threats to to usage atomic weapons successful Ukraine, and warned the satellite was the closest it has been to “Armageddon” successful six decades. Chilling stuff.

Here’s what other is going connected today:

  • The president is backmost connected the road with a travel that volition instrumentality him to Hagerstown, Maryland, Philadelphia and yet Wilmington, Delaware, for the weekend.

  • Wisconsin Republican legislator Ron Johnson debates his Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes astatine 8pm.

  • New data shows the US labour marketplace remained beardown successful September, adding 263,000 positions and sending the unemployment complaint down to 3.5%.