‘SI: Swim’ Model Olivia Culpo Dishes On Her Go-To Trick For Cooking ‘Healthy’ & ‘Delicious’ Meals

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August 31, 2021 4:19PM EDT

Olivia Culpo discusses her emotion for cooking arsenic she took connected T-Pain successful the LG Homestyle Challenge!

If you’ve caught Olivia Culpo‘s IG Stories, she is 1 heck of a cook! After opening her ain edifice successful her hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island and whipping up immoderate all-star recipes successful quarantine, the SI: Swim model took on T-Pain successful the LG Homestyle Challenge connected Aug. 19th. Ahead of the cooking competition, Olivia spoke to HollywoodLife and explained her crippled program for utilizing the LG InstaView Range with an Air Fry function, portion besides dishing connected however she keeps acceptable and enjoying large food! “It’s decidedly truly hard, but it’s easier to attack your wellness and manner erstwhile you deliberation of it little arsenic a chore and much arsenic a choice, and wanting to consciousness truly good,” she told HL connected maintaining equilibrium with fittingness and food.

The restauranteur explained she follows the 80/20 regularisation erstwhile it comes to her nutrient choices. “80 percent of the time, I devour truly really healthy, and 20 percent of the time, I’m going to indulge and person immoderate I want,” Olivia dished. “I consciousness similar a batch of women get hung up due to the fact that they’re trying to astir usage willpower to create a healthier lifestyle, and it conscionable becomes not amusive and there’s this guilt looming if you ‘mess up.'”

Olivia Culpo looks ace cute and toned successful a achromatic workout set. (MEGA)

The erstwhile Miss Universe said the 80/20 program helps her consciousness “peaceful” astir her choices and makes eating “more enjoyable.” “I conscionable deliberation of it much arsenic a prime and a determination that I’m making to marque myself consciousness the champion that I can, arsenic opposed to thing I person to do,” she said.

One mode Olivia revealed she loves to navigator steadfast but besides ramp up the taste, is with the LG InstaView Range that has an Air Fry slide-in function. “Air frying is an astonishing enactment due to the fact that everything is conscionable truthful overmuch healthier with minimal oil,” she said. The exemplary besides added that she planned to usage that diagnostic successful her conflict against T-Pain to marque the dough for the scallop information of her dish.

Olivia besides said she’s been utilizing her Air Fryer astatine location passim quarantine to marque immoderate delicious and steadfast meals, similar turkey burgers — yes, successful an Air Fryer! “It’s evidently healthier, but it besides creates specified a juicy product,” she explained. “Any benignant of nutrient successful the Air Fryer tastes truthful delicious due to the fact that it cooked each the mode done but it’s inactive precise tender and juicy.” She added that her favourite carrot barroom look is besides a must-have and disposable connected her IG!

Stay tuned for aboriginal personage cooking battles that volition beryllium announced aboriginal this twelvemonth and instrumentality spot connected Twitch!