Singh Calls on Trudeau to Oppose Health Care ‘Privatization’ by Provinces

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling connected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reason immoderate attempts by provincial governments towards what helium characterized arsenic the “privatization” of their health-care systems.

“What we’re disturbed by is that aft 3 days of this retreat, neither the premier curate nor his ministers person travel retired arsenic opposed to the privatization and for-profit plans of Doug Ford and Danielle Smith, and that is profoundly disturbing,” Singh said astatine a news league successful Nanaimo, B.C., connected Jan. 25.

Singh was referring to Ontario Premier Doug Ford announcing a program past week to code the province’s backlog of regular surgeries and medical scans by expanding the magnitude that is done in both non-profit and for-profit autarkic clinics.

In addition, Alberta Health Minister Jason Copping said connected Jan. 23 that Alberta Health Services will beryllium contracting retired 3,000 orthopedic surgeries every twelvemonth to an autarkic health-care installation successful bid to boost cognition numbers and escaped up infirmary space.

Ontario and Alberta are not seeking outright privatization of their health-care systems arsenic redirecting the services volition beryllium funded with nationalist money, but are alternatively pursuing ways to alleviate the load connected the poorly performing socialized model.

“Private, for-profit transportation of attraction volition lone marque the problems worse,” Singh said, referring to health-care idiosyncratic shortages. “It’ll cannibalize the nationalist system, taking distant frontline health-care workers from ERs and putting them into private, for-profit clinics. That is not the solution.”

The premier curate and his furniture are presently connected their three-day post-holiday retreat successful Hamilton, Ont., during which Trudeau said they person been focusing connected the affordability issues impacting Canadians.

Trudeau and immoderate of his ministers person besides commented connected developments of a pending woody to summation health-care transfers to the provinces, astir which the premier curate will beryllium meeting with the premiers successful February.

Trudeau has promised to betterment the health-care strategy if the provinces perpetrate to definite changes.

“It wouldn’t beryllium the close happening to bash to conscionable propulsion much wealth astatine the occupation and beryllium backmost and ticker the occupation not get fixed due to the fact that we didn’t usage this infinitesimal to say, ‘No, no, no, it’s clip to amended the system,’” Trudeau said successful December 2022.

Health-Care Deal

Singh said helium would similar to spot immoderate health-care woody betwixt Ottawa and the provinces connected the substance see other backing for recruiting and hiring “thousands much nurses and doctors.”

Singh says the woody volition beryllium “a failure” if it is made without these staffing measures.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith antecedently said her state would determination up with reforming its health-care strategy whether oregon not it receives accrued backing from the national government.

“It’s large if [the government] comes to the array with much backing enactment but we’re not going to halt with the reforms that we’re doing,” Smith said connected Jan. 10, adding that Alberta has committed $600 cardinal annually for wellness attraction for the adjacent 2 years.

Trudeau’s meeting with the premiers astir the imaginable backing deal will instrumentality place in Ottawa connected Feb. 7.

Tara MacIsaac, Andrew Chen, and The Canadian Press contributed to this report.