Sister of UK Bataclan victim tells accused: ‘We don’t hate you’

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The sister of the lone Briton killed successful the Paris panic attacks has told 14 radical connected proceedings successful Paris implicit the bloodshed that portion she and different victims’ families “deplore what you did, we don’t hatred you”.

Nick Alexander was killed erstwhile gunmen stormed the Bataclan theatre successful Paris during a stone performance arsenic portion of a bid of coordinated attacks crossed the French superior ordered by the Islamic State group.

A full of 130 radical were killed successful the shootings and termination bombings, which ended successful a massacre astatine the Bataclan, wherever the US set Eagles of Death Metal were performing successful beforehand of a capableness crowd.

Alexander, who was 35, was the band’s merchandise manager.

He died successful the arms of his ex-girlfriend Helen Wilson aft sustaining gunshot wounds.

Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander, 35, was the merchandise manager for Eagles of Death Metal, who were playing astatine the Bataclan. Photograph: Foreign & Commonwealth Office/PA

Testifying connected the 33rd time of the biggest proceedings successful modern French history, his sister Zoe Alexander said helium eschewed hatred, saying: “You cannot neutralise poison with much poison.”

In remarks addressed to the sole surviving subordinate of the 10-man Islamic State compartment that carried retired the attacks, Salah Abdeslam, and his co-accused, the 48-year-old Briton said: “I don’t expect to perceive remorse, but anticipation thing you perceive present volition resonate with your conscience.”

She described her member arsenic a euphony person and maverick, who defied conventions successful the subject municipality of Colchester wherever they grew up, with his alternate look of “long hair, skinny jeans and boots”.

He lived “a beingness of existent authenticity, thing those who carried retired the atrocities of that night, nether the orders of others, volition ne'er know,” she told the court.

Twenty radical are connected proceedings implicit the 13 November 2015 attacks connected radical enjoying a Friday nighttime retired astatine the Bataclan, adjacent bars and restaurants and the nationalist stadium wherever France and Germany were playing a shot friendly.

Six of the defendants who are missing, presumed dead, are being tried successful absentia.

Over the past month, scores of survivors of the attacks and relatives of victims person been giving harrowing accounts of the attacks and their aftermath.

Alexander described the long, anguished hold to find retired whether her member had survived the nearly-three-hour-long Bataclan assault.

In the aboriginal hours of 14 November 2015 she received a telephone from 1 of Nick’s colleagues informing her of his decease and had to telephone her parents with the news.

“I knew erstwhile I made the telephone our lives would beryllium changed forever,” she said, warring backmost tears.

She described her member arsenic an “intriguing premix of the accepted and the unconventional” who “loved magic and theatre, euphony and subject fiction, question and being astatine home”.

While helium toured the satellite selling the merchandise of assorted bands, helium remained intensely loyal to his household and puerility friends, she said.

Following his death, tributes poured successful from euphony legends including Damon Albarn and Cat Stevens.

“We’re not astatine warfare with you, you’re astatine warfare with yourselves,” Alexander told the defendants sitting successful the dock successful the cavernous courtroom built to big the proceedings successful the Palace of Justice successful cardinal Paris.

Noting that Abdeslam’s older member Brahim, who blew himself up successful a barroom successful the last stages of the attacks, had “also died a brutal and convulsive death”, she said: “Your parents besides locomotion the aforesaid way arsenic my parents … I anticipation you tin honestly look wrong your bosom and accidental it was worthy it.”

Speaking to Agence France -Presse aft her testimony, Alexander said the main root of solace for the household had travel from creating a euphony spot successful Nick’s sanction connected the archetypal day of his death.

Over the past 5 years, the Nick Alexander Memorial Trust has funded 20 euphony projects successful disadvantaged communities crossed Britain.

“The terrorists tried to permission a bequest of acheronian but done the enactment we person done we person near a bequest of light,” she said.