‘Sister Wives’: Kody & Christine Argue Over Custody As She Tells The Wives She’s Leaving

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Kody Brown, Robyn Brown
Sister Wives - 2010
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Janelle is successful  Flagstaff, AZ, connected  Sister Wives.

Janelle is successful  Flagstaff, AZ, connected  Sister Wives.

Image Credit: Puddle Monkey Prods/Figure 8/Kobal/Shutterstock

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown were filled successful on Christine Brown’s determination to leave Kody Brown and move to Utah connected the Oct. 2 occurrence of Sister Wives. Christine had made up her caput weeks ago, but yet sat down with the different wives to stock wherever she was at. All 5 adults came unneurotic to movie the tense conversation.

Meri and Robyn were incredibly caught disconnected defender by Christine’s decision. Meanwhile, Janelle had an inkling that Christine mightiness beryllium leaving, but she inactive vocalized her fears for what would hap with their kids’ relationships. Christine was readying connected taking her and Kody’s youngest daughter, Truely, with her to Utah, which sparked a large statement amongst the group.

kody brownish  wivesKody Brown with his 4 wives. (Puddle Monkey Prods/Figure 8/Kobal/Shutterstock)

“She’ll beryllium fine,” Christine assured everyone. “It’s going to beryllium hard and she’ll miss everybody and I’ll beryllium taking her from Kody…it’s hard, don’t get maine wrong.” Kody, who had mostly been quiescent up to that point, jumped into the speech astatine the notation of his daughter. “You won’t beryllium taking her from me,” helium insisted. “We’ll person to get shared custody. It’ll person to beryllium 50/50.”

In a confessional, helium added, “I’m not going to beryllium present and person her bash this without objecting to it and saying that we gotta enactment thing retired for custody. I don’t cognize what that looks like. This treatment hasn’t happened.” Christine was amazed by Kody’s reaction, and told him that she thought they had already discussed this privately. “I ne'er said it was good that you were moving,” helium retorted. “We just talked astir moving.”

kody brownish  wivesKody Brown posing with his wives. (SplashNews)

Christine remembered things differently, but Kody stood his ground. “I ne'er said it was okay,” helium said. “I ne'er made a large woody of it, but I ne'er answered that. You ne'er asked if you could move. You said you were moving. Okay, I fto you go, that’s what I said, I agree. But you ne'er told maine the archetypal clip you talked astir this that you were going to move. You conscionable said, ‘Let maine go.’ That doesn’t mean you conscionable tally with Truely and Truely’s retired of my life.”

Kody was adamant that helium needed to stay a cardinal fig successful his daughter’s life. That acceptable Christine off, due to the fact that she didn’t consciousness helium was spending capable clip with immoderate of their children, adjacent erstwhile she lived adjacent by. “I find it ironic that present helium wants to beryllium progressive successful my kids’ lives present that I’m leaving,” she admitted. “Now helium wants 50/50 clip with us. The full clip we lived here, if helium wanted 50/50 time, helium should’ve been astir more. He doesn’t get 50/50. He hasn’t been astir capable for that.”

The speech continued successful circles earlier Christine moved connected and assured the different wives that they would fig retired the aboriginal of holidays and birthdays arsenic a family. “Me leaving won’t alteration the narration my kids person with you,” she insisted.

Still, Robyn and Meri were shook. “I’m inactive successful daze a small bit,” Robyn admitted. “I’m inactive trying to fig retired what this means for the family. The thought that Christine wouldn’t beryllium my sister woman feels incorrect to me. I haven’t seen a batch of affirmative examples of the aftermath erstwhile a woman leaves a plural household and that’s scary to me.” Meri added, “I don’t cognize however agelong this has been coming, but it’s truly disappointing to me.”

The lengthy speech ended with the episode, and determination were intelligibly inactive immoderate wounded and confused feelings. Sister Wives airs connected Sundays astatine 10:00 p.m. connected TLC.