Six die in vintage helicopter crash in West Virginia

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Six radical died connected Wednesday erstwhile a tourer chopper utilized successful Hollywood movies crashed successful West Virginia during a vintage chopper amusement wherever guests without aviator licenses were allowed to alert the aircraft.

The Vietnam-era helicopter, which had previously appeared successful movies including Baywatch, Die Hard and Outbreak, was being flown during the 7th Annual Huey Reunion, an lawsuit for humanities aviation enthusiasts.

Guests astatine the event, hosted astatine the Marpat Aviation schoolhouse successful Logan county, could wage to alert the chopper for $250 for a 30-minute league adjacent without having a license, according to the lawsuit page.

The helicopter, advertised arsenic astir apt the oldest Bell UH-1B chopper successful existence, crashed adjacent Route 17 successful the state’s south-west region, according to the Associated Press. All six radical onboard were killed.

Ray Bryant, the main of operations for the Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority, told the New York Times helium has seen “no crashes of this magnitude” during his 35 years of service.

“The cockpit of the craft is burned up,” Bryant told WOWK-TV, a tv presumption successful Huntington, Virginia. “The process roar is lying crossed the road. It is recognizable, we knew it was a section helicopter.”

Other witnesses described seeing fume and occurrence astatine the site.

Bobbi Childs, who lives nearby, told WOWK-TV she saw a antheral trapped successful the craft but that she was incapable to rescue him due to the fact that of the fire.

“I saw that determination was a feline trapped, I conjecture the captain. I tried to get down to the doorway wherever helium was at. You could spot him plain arsenic day. I tried to get to him, but the occurrence was excessively hot,” said Childs.