Sofi Vonn Gets Lost In Her Feelings For Her Crush In New Electronic-Pop Dance Song ‘Next To Me’

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Exclusive Premiere

November 4, 2021 9:15AM EDT

There’s nary greater feeling than having the emotion of your beingness basal ‘next to you,’ and electro-pop sensation Sofi Vonn channels this energy into her caller way – a song, she tells HL, she ne'er expected to beryllium released!

Sofi Vonn caps disconnected her phenomenal twelvemonth by giving her fans 1 sensation of her upcoming EP. In “Next To Me,” premiering present connected HollywoodLife, the London-based physics popular singer-songwriter captures the excitement and exhilaration that comes from conscionable being close to a crush, particularly erstwhile they don’t look alert of your aggravated affection. At the commencement of the song, Sofi details however it feels “like I’m falling” erstwhile she’s distant from her paramour, but erstwhile her heart’s tendency “sat adjacent to maine / there’s nary spot I’d alternatively be.” It’s an earnest and sincere song, cleanable for anyone who would transverse immoderate region to beryllium adjacent to their one-and-only.

Oddly enough, this opus astir didn’t spot the airy of day. “‘Next To Me’ is much of an physics pop/ creation track,” Sofi tells HollywoodLife. “I initially wrote and produced it for 1 of my Goldsmiths courses and didn’t expect for it to beryllium released. A fewer months later, I went to enactment with immoderate producers successful LA, and they loved it, truthful they touched it up, and we recut it. We’re each precise excited astir however it came out!”

“Next To Me” is the latest from Sofi, who has had a banner twelvemonth successful 2021. She antecedently released “is it a crime?” a heartfelt ode to wanting a meaningful narration – and however nary 1 should ever consciousness embarrassed for feeling that way. Both versions of “is it a crime?” – Sofi released an acoustic mentation soon aft the archetypal – followed her earlier single, “Stranger,” which itself received a remix courtesy of Brushfires. These songs volition beryllium portion of her upcoming debut EP, which she describes arsenic “the cleanable premix of sounds I privation to embody: a operation of heavy location influenced creation tracks and popular melodies.”


Sofi’s dependable reflects her planetary upbringing. Born successful New York, Sofi got her commencement singing successful a religion choir. After attending High School successful  Zürich, Switzerland, Sofi relocated to New Orleans to be Tulane University. While studying overseas successful Berlin, Germany, she fell backmost into euphony and relocated determination aft graduating. “That’s however I got into techno and DJing,” she says successful a property release. After becoming an in-demand house/techno DJ, Sofi enrolled successful Goldsmiths astatine the University of London to survey fashionable music. Now, with a cunning songwriting eye, acquisition beyond her years, and enchanting voice, Sofi is acceptable to instrumentality implicit the euphony world.