Son defends French former al-Qaida hostage’s return to Mali

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The lad of a erstwhile al-Qaida hostage has struck backmost astatine French authorities claims that she has enactment herself and others successful information by slipping backmost into Mali wherever she was held for 4 years.

Sophie Pétronin’s instrumentality to Mali has sparked disapproval and made headlines successful her autochthonal France, with a authorities spokesperson this week accusing her of “irresponsibility toward her ain information and besides the information of our troops” successful the westbound African country.

But successful an interrogation with the French broadcaster BFM-TV, her lad Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin said the 76-year-old was surviving highly discreetly successful an flat successful the Malian capital, Bamako. He said she had ventured retired conscionable erstwhile successful six months, to store nether escort, and she had idiosyncratic with her who watched implicit her security.

“She is not successful the desert. She is not taking risks,” helium said. “To marque judge that she has gone backmost to her captors successful bluish Mali, that she is putting our soldiers’ lives successful danger, is not precise responsible.”

Pétronin seemingly crossed a onshore borderline backmost into Mali without a visa successful March, astir 5 months aft she was freed and flown backmost to France. Malian authorities accidental they are present looking for her and privation to question her, but are not saying why.

Her lad said his parent was profoundly unhappy backmost successful Europe and wanted to unrecorded retired her years successful the state wherever she worked earlier her abduction successful 2016. She besides wanted to beryllium reunited with her adopted girl successful Mali, helium said.

“She spent 20 years there. Part of her beingness is there,” said the son, who was speaking from Switzerland. “She is an aged woman successful the autumn of her beingness and she conscionable wants to beryllium successful the spot wherever she feels astir comfortable.”

He said helium would question to Bamako adjacent week to cheque connected her information arrangements and conscionable French embassy officials. He besides hopes to conscionable Malian authorities.

“I anticipation the Malians volition connection her a small spot successful their community,” helium said. “She conscionable wants everyone to hide astir her.”