‘Sorry’ doesn’t cut it for shameful Jets performance

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The Jets lost Zach Wilson to a genu wounded in the 2nd 4th of Sunday’s hideous 54-13 nonaccomplishment to the Patriots astatine Gillette Stadium.

And successful different quality … the Jets’ defence embarrassed itself and the Jets’ coaching unit should person been charged a interest for the schooling it got from Bill Belichick and his staff.

The Patriots had the shot 5 times successful the archetypal half, and they scored connected each 5 of those possessions, with small absorption coming from a Jets defence that finished the crippled yielding 551 yards successful full discourtesy and allowing the astir points since a 56-3 nonaccomplishment to New England successful 1979.

Shame connected the Jets’ defense.

The Jets were boat-raced by the Patriots — fittingly connected the time aft the Head of the Charles regatta took spot successful Boston. After it was over, Jets caput manager Robert Saleh — helium of the “all gas, nary brakes’’ enthusiasm — looked ashen, shell-shocked and shaken by what he’d conscionable witnessed.

“They punched america successful the freaking rima and scored points, truthful recognition to them,’’ Saleh said.

As Saleh spoke successful an auxiliary country successful the bowels of Gillette Stadium, determination was a Halloween show connected a signifier adjacent to the interrogation podium with a tombstone engraved with “RIP’’ and respective skulls connected it. It was hauntingly fitting connected what was an utterly humiliating time that included Belichick having his backup quarterback, Brian Hoyer, slinging passes down the tract with the crippled wholly retired of hand, moving up the score.

Before Sunday, the past clip the Jets had allowed 50 oregon much points was successful a 52-14 nonaccomplishment to the Dolphins successful 1995, erstwhile Rich Kotite was the caput coach.

(Note: Any Kotite notation coming into play is ne'er a bully happening for immoderate Jets coach.)

Robert SalehRobert SalehGetty Images

As atrocious arsenic the defence was, the Jets’ discourtesy continues to beryllium lost, peculiarly aboriginal successful games. The Jets are the lone squad successful the league that has not scored a azygous constituent successful the archetypal quarter, portion being outscored 44-0.

Jets violative coordinator Mike LaFleur, supposedly trying to spark his offense, ran rookie moving backmost Michael Carter into the enactment connected the archetypal 2 violative plays from scrimmage en way to a three-and-out. By the clip the Jets realized determination was a crippled that counted connected Sunday, they were trailing, 14-0.

Maybe he’ll get better, but LaFleur, a first-time coordinator, has looked overmatched for the amended portion of the archetypal six games.

Defensively, the Jets had nary answers each day, contempt antiaircraft lineman Sheldon Rankins saying afterward that the Patriots “didn’t bash thing that shocked america … didn’t bash thing that was retired of quality for them.’’

Shame connected the Jets’ coaching staff.

“This is the NFL … you springiness up 50 points, it’s embarrassing,’’ Saleh said.

Want much embarrassment?

There was erstwhile Patriots antiaircraft lineman Richard Seymour, who was being honored astatine halftime, telling the assemblage helium was asked by the squad astatine which crippled helium wanted to person the honor, and helium said: “I wanted to travel to our homecoming crippled against the Jets.’’

The sobering world is this: The Jets, who’ve mislaid their past 12 games to New England, 15 of the past 16 and 18 of the past 20, person been the Patriots’ sacrificial-lamb homecoming hostile for 2 decades now.

JetsHunter Henry celebrates his touchdown for the Patriots arsenic the Jets tin lone watch. Getty Images

Seymour’s low-hanging-fruit inexpensive changeable and Belichick’s never-ending ngo to embarrass the Jets by moving up the people brings america to the Jets’ absorption to the beat-down: No 1 publically expressed existent anger astir what had conscionable taken place.

You recovered yourself wanting idiosyncratic connected the Jets to articulate earthy choler — peculiarly connected the antiaircraft broadside of the ball. And each you got was information Marcus Maye repeating a fewer times however “tough’’ the nonaccomplishment was and Rankins saying, “When we’re connected the aforesaid leafage and we execute the close way, we’re a damn bully defense.’’

Some losses are truthful disgusting that they warrant a seat oregon 2 thrown crossed a country oregon immoderate benignant of fiery locker-room reaction. This was 1 of them. Yet we got nary occurrence from the Jets. Just a batch of hung heads and debased voices.

“The NFL doesn’t truly springiness a flying [bleep], excuse my language, successful presumption of scheduling,’’ Saleh said. “We got to enactment up the adjacent week and for the 11 oregon 12, immoderate we got left. I cognize we got large quality guys. Every erstwhile successful a while, you get your [bleeping] … excuse my connection … you get your teeth knocked in.


A batch to beryllium atrocious astir retired of this game.

Shame connected the defense. Shame connected the coaching staff.

Another discarded of a Jets season. What a shame.