South African Star Cricketer Quits World Cup After Refusing to ‘Take the Knee’ for BLM

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South African (SA) prima cricketer Quinton de Kock pulled retired of his Twenty20 World Cup crippled against the West Indies minutes aft the cricket committee issued a directive requiring each players to “take the knee” against racism.

De Kock has ne'er partaken successful the gesture, often looking connected astatine teammates who take to bash so. However, connected June 12, successful a property league aft South Africa’s trial bid against West Indies successful Saint Lucia, de Kock was questioned connected wherefore helium refused to instrumentality a genu astatine the time.

“My reason? I’ll support it to myself. It’s my ain idiosyncratic opinion. It’s everyone’s decision. No one’s forced to bash anything, not successful life. That’s the mode I spot things,” helium answered.

On Oct. 26, the Cricket South Africa (CSA) committee said they had unanimously decided to necessitate their players to instrumentality the genu for each remaining matches successful the competition.

“Concerns were raised that the antithetic postures taken by squad members successful enactment of the BLM inaugural created an unintended cognition of disparity oregon deficiency of enactment for the initiative,” CSA said successful a statement, referring to the mode immoderate players kneeled, immoderate raised their fists, and others simply stood.

“After considering each applicable issues, including the presumption of the players, the Board felt that it was imperative for the squad to beryllium seen taking a agreed and accordant basal against racism, particularly fixed SA’s history.”

Epoch Times Photo South Africa’s squad kneels successful enactment of Black Lives Matter earlier the commencement of the last planetary Twenty20 cricket lucifer betwixt Sri Lanka and South Africa astatine the R. Premadasa Stadium successful Colombo, Sri Lanka, connected Sept. 14, 2021. (Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP via Getty Images)

CSA said fixed that cricket was the 2nd most-watched athletics internationally, it is the “ideal platform” for the squad to item the “national resolve” to heal divisions of the past.

“The board’s presumption was that portion diverseness tin and should find look successful galore facets of regular lives, this did not use erstwhile it came to taking a basal against racism,” CSA said in effect to de Kock’s decision.

South Africa skipper Temba Bavuma said de Kock’s determination came arsenic a astonishment to the team.

“As a team, we evidently were amazed and taken aback by the news,” Bavuma told reporters. “Quinton is simply a large subordinate for the squad … In saying that, Quinton is an adult. He’s a antheral successful his ain shoes. We respect his decision. We respect his convictions.”

Commentators and erstwhile cricketers Darren Sammy and Pommy Mbangwa criticised the determination connected air.

“Sometimes, I don’t recognize wherefore it is truthful hard to enactment this question if you recognize what it stands for. That’s conscionable my opinion,” Sammy said. “What my benignant person been through. There are different issues affecting the world, but I don’t recognize wherefore it is truthful difficult.”

Mbangwa followed up with, “I’ll accidental this with respect to Quinton de Kock that state of prime is just enough. I don’t privation to speculate connected what the idiosyncratic reasons precisely are due to the fact that I haven’t got those, but I anticipation that treatment tin really beryllium had.”

Meanwhile, erstwhile England cricket skipper Michael Vaughan wrote connected Twitter that, “Surely it’s down to the idiosyncratic to determine whether helium oregon she wants to beryllium progressive successful immoderate movement. A Cricket committee should petition players to bash it, but if that idiosyncratic decides they don’t privation to, it should not halt them playing the crippled of Cricket.”

It is improbable that de Kock volition instrumentality to play successful the remaining T20 World Cup games.

Rebecca Zhu