South BC Highway Passes See More Snow, Avalanche Canada Urges Caution as Storm Hits

1 week ago 22

The archetypal time of outpouring is precisely 1 week away, but utmost wintertime conditions inactive persist connected British Columbia’s confederate and southeastern upland passes arsenic snowfall warnings are posted for astir routes.

Environment Canada says anyplace from 15 to 25 centimetres is expected astatine higher elevations of the passes northbound and eastbound of Hope by Tuesday morning.

Up to 15 centimetres of snowfall is forecast on the Sea-to-Sky Highway betwixt Squamish and Whistler, but the upwind bureau says conditions determination should easiness by aboriginal successful the day.

The warnings travel arsenic Avalanche Canada raises the hazard to precocious implicit overmuch of the southbound seashore and confederate Interior.

It says each the caller snow, combined with beardown winds and warmer temperatures, volition make “very dangerous” avalanche conditions, with large, people triggered slides likely.

The precocious information ratings travel conscionable days aft Avalanche Canada released much details astir the deaths of 3 German tourists successful an avalanche adjacent Invermere, B.C., connected March 1, saying 2 of the victims died connected the elevation and different died successful infirmary aft a radical of 10 heli-skiers triggered the almighty slide.

The study says the full radical was swept into the sparse, forested country beside the larger avalanche path, critically injuring the usher and 2 different survivors and leaving a 4th idiosyncratic with little superior injuries.

Twelve radical person died successful six abstracted avalanches astir confederate B.C. since January, and Avalanche Canada continues to pass radical to marque “conservative, low-consequence choices” if they caput into the backcountry astatine all.