South Korean Conservative Presidential Candidate Gains Popularity With Tough Stance on China

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South Korean statesmanlike campaigner Hong Joon-pyo connected Oct. 27 made a bid of pledges to alteration South Korean diplomacy if elected, arsenic as the state gears up for its presidential election successful March 2022.

Hong pledged “Korea First” policies, specified arsenic gathering a atomic sharing programme betwixt South Korea and the United States, abolishing the “Three No’s” committedness to China, and different run conventions connected security, nationalist defense, and overseas policy.

“South Korea is present isolated owed to its disoriented diplomacy,” Hong said successful a property conference held successful Seoul connected Oct. 27. “The Moon Jae-in authorities demonstrates nary accordant rule successful the intensified strategical contention betwixt the United States and China. Its ‘walking connected tightrope diplomacy’ has been carried retired nether the banner of strategical ambiguity.”

“As a result, some China and the United States person mislaid trust, starring to a diplomatic dilemma. At the aforesaid time, successful home politics, Moon utilized ‘anti-Japanese sentiment’ to make the worst narration with Japan.”

Hong is simply a campaigner for the People Power Party, the largest absorption enactment and the main blimpish enactment successful South Korea. The erstwhile politician of South Gyeongsang Province and a erstwhile authoritative presently serves arsenic a subordinate of the National Assembly successful his 5th term. He was the statesmanlike nominee of the Liberty Korea Party successful the 2017 South Korean statesmanlike election. During the 2017 statesmanlike election, Hong was often compared to U.S. President Donald Trump for his campaign-style rallies.

Pledge to Strengthen the South Korea-US-Japan Alliance

Hong promised to fortify the Korea-U.S.-Japan confederation and enactment nationalist interests archetypal if helium became president.

“When I go president, I volition reconstruct our country’s pridefulness and laic the groundwork for a leap guardant arsenic a G7 precocious country. And I volition normalize the breached diplomatic relations specified arsenic Korea-U.S., Korea-China, and Korea-Japan nether the expansive rule of ‘Korea First,’” Hong pledged.

“I volition clasp a acme with U.S. President Joe Biden to found bilateral oregon multilateral—U.S., South Korea, Japan, Australia—NATO-style atomic weapons sharing systems, including tactical atomic relocation.”

When asked however helium plans to coordinate the redeployment of tactical atomic weapons with the United States, helium replied: “In May 2017, I met with members of the U.S. authorities and its absorption to sermon the request of a NATO-style atomic sharing program. We person reached an statement and shared a statement successful this regard.”

“When diplomacy couldn’t resoluteness the North Korean atomic threats, however would the ‘Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)’ support [South Korean citizens]?” Hong asked. “Judging from the provisions of Article 10 of the NPT, it is imaginable to retreat from the NPT for self-defense.”

Tough Stance connected South Korea-China Relations

Regarding South Korea-China relations, Hong pledged to “abolish the ‘Three Nos’ committedness with [the CCP] due to the fact that it restricts [South Korea’s] information and sovereignty and is simply a large usurpation of information practice betwixt South Korea, the United States, and Japan.”

In 2017, successful an effort to appease China, the Moon Jae-in authorities outlined 3 principles for information known arsenic the “Three Nos”: nary further deployment of the U.S. rocket strategy known arsenic Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, oregon THAAD; nary information successful a U.S.-led determination rocket defence system; and nary morphing a trilateral information confederation with the United States and Japan into a subject alliance.

THAAD is simply a U.S.-designed and manufactured anti-missile strategy installed successful South Korea betwixt 2016 and 2017 to support against North Korean atomic rocket threats. However, the CCP has insisted that the deployment of THAAD affects China’s information and has since adopted a bid of countermeasures against South Korea.

Hong said that aft South Korea deployed THAAD successful 2017, Wu Dawei, the erstwhile peculiar typical of China for Korean Peninsula Affairs, was asked whether the CCP could destruct the North Korean atomic threats oregon play a leverage role. Wu replied: “Because North Korea is simply a sovereign state, it cannot beryllium done.”

“How tin [the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)] constituent fingers astatine South Korea’s defence argumentation erstwhile it cannot destruct oregon power North Korean atomic weapons?” Hong said. “This is against communal sense.”

Hong said helium would “hold a acme with Chinese person Xi Jinping to close the abnormal narration created by the Moon Jae-in administration” and “break escaped from pro-China dialogues, reconstruct nationalist dignity and the people’s self-esteem, and transportation retired diplomacy centered connected nationalist interests.”

In addition, Hong suggested that helium intends to reconstruct connection and dialog with China to resoluteness environmental, economic, and speech issues, specified arsenic the aerial contamination from China and the atomic powerfulness works issues connected the eastbound seashore of China, which person not been addressed previously.

Regarding the South-Korea-Japan relations, Hong promised to support the “General Security of Military Information Agreement” and beforehand the “Joint Declaration connected the Future Cooperation and Comprehensive Partnership betwixt South Korea and Japan” with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

The latest polls amusement important differences successful popularity among the People Power Party statesmanlike candidates from the archetypal stages. Recently, Hong’s enactment has risen significantly. According to the latest polling released by the Korea Society Opinion Institute (KSOI) connected Oct. 25, Hong is tied with Yoon Seok-yeol, different blimpish campaigner successful the party, astatine 26.9 percent. Yoon is the erstwhile authoritative wide of South Korea who was antecedently starring successful the polls.

Jinbaek Lee and Khasub Lee contributed to this report.

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