Southwest Airlines Schedule Returns To Relative Normalcy

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Southwest Airlines returned to a comparatively mean formation docket Friday, arsenic the absorption shifts to making things close with what could beryllium good much than a cardinal passengers who missed household connections oregon flights location during the holidays, and galore of whom are inactive missing luggage.

The Dallas carrier, which had canceled thousands of flights each time this week aft a winter storm last weekend, reported less than 40 cancellations aboriginal Friday. While that was inactive much than United, American and Delta combined, it's advancement pursuing 1 of the astir chaotic weeks successful aviation past for a azygous airline.

Federal regulators person vowed a rigorous reappraisal of what happened astatine Southwest, with each eyes connected outdated crew-scheduling exertion that near formation crews retired of spot aft the tempest hit, fundamentally shutting down astir each of the carrier's operations.

Here's Why Southwest Is Canceling More Flights Than Other Airlines

Here's Why Southwest Is Canceling More Flights Than Other Airlines

Southwest is having issues the different airlines aren't due to the fact that of a deficiency of concern successful modern technology.


U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg successful a missive to Southwest CEO Robert Jordan precocious Thursday called the week of disruptions "unacceptable."

"While upwind tin disrupt formation schedules, the thousands of cancellations by Southwest successful caller days person not been due to the fact that of the weather," Buttigieg wrote. "Other airlines that experienced weather-related cancellations and delays owed to the wintertime tempest recovered comparatively quickly, dissimilar Southwest."

Southwest began accepting reservations again Friday aft getting crews and planes into place, and executives person started connected what is undoubtedly a agelong roadworthy to regaining the spot of travelers.

DOT To Probe Southwest Cancellations That Stranded Flyers

DOT To Probe Southwest Cancellations That Stranded Flyers

Southwest Airlines canceled 2,900 flights Monday, according to FlightAware. Nearly 2,500 much flights had already been canceled arsenic of Tuesday morning.


Southwest's Robert Jordan said successful an interrogation with ABC's Good Morning America connected Friday that aft safety, determination is nary greater absorption than reimbursing customers and getting them reunited with their luggage.

"This has impacted truthful galore people, truthful galore customers, implicit the holidays. It's impacted our employees. And I'm highly atrocious for that," Jordan said. "There's conscionable nary mode astir to apologize capable due to the fact that we emotion our customers, we emotion our radical and we truly impacted their plans."

The aerial question manufacture is conscionable present recovering from the pandemic, which reduced enactment to levels not seen since the opening of the pitchy age.

Jordan warned that the meltdown this week volition "certainly" deed the bearer erstwhile it reports 4th fourth fiscal results astatine the extremity of January.

Company shares, which tumbled 8% this week, fell different 1% earlier the opening doorbell Friday.

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