Spanish police investigating alleged care home scam arrest two women

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Spanish constabulary investigating a attraction institution that allegedly cheated astatine slightest 1 aged and susceptible British lawsuit retired of her savings and spot person arrested 2 women and seized €45,000 successful cash.

The women – 1 British and 1 Spanish – were arrested successful the south-eastern state of Murcia past week connected suspicion of aggravated fraud, falsifying documents and mendacious administration.

Guardia Civil officers who searched the company’s office besides recovered £3,600 successful currency arsenic good arsenic documents, slope cards and savings books belonging to aged Britons surviving successful the Murcian metropolis of Mazarrón. They fearfulness arsenic galore arsenic a twelve radical could person fallen unfortunate to the fraud.

The probe began aft constabulary learned that a “vulnerable and dependent” 90-year-old British pistillate who lived connected her ain successful Mazarrón had been conned retired of her location and her savings. They besides discovered she trusted and relied heavy connected her British carer – who besides lived successful the metropolis – and had nary household support.

Guardia Civil serviceman  examines files during the operation
Guardia Civil serviceman examines documents during the operation. Photograph: Guardia Civil/EPA

“Officers established that the carer had abused the aged woman’s spot and taken power of her location and her savings,” the Guardia Civil said successful a statement. “She had sold the property, made herself the associated holder of the woman’s slope account, and was spending the wealth connected purchases for herself that had thing to bash with the needs of the victim.”

The constabulary besides recovered ineligible documents that allegedly amusement the carer had persuaded her alleged unfortunate to change her volition successful her favour.

“Officers person learned that the arrested Briton sought retired chap Britons surviving successful Mazarrón – chiefly older radical with nary household enactment and nary cognition of Spanish – and offered them location care,” the connection said.

A Guardia Civil spokesperson said the enquiry was continuing, but added it was apt that respective radical had been scammed.

“We presume determination could beryllium rather a fewer different victims of this plot, possibly arsenic galore arsenic a dozen,” helium said. “Our officers carried retired the arrests to halt anyone other falling unfortunate to these frauds. We’re analysing the accusation and materials we person to find however galore victims determination could be.”