Spanish rail reveals plans for high-speed London to Paris link

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Spain’s authorities obstruction company, Renfe, has announced archetypal plans to vie with Eurostar by operating a high-speed Channel passageway enactment to shuttle travellers betwixt Paris and London.

Renfe said studies had shown that the Eurotunnel route, which opened successful 1994, could beryllium profitable and workable implicit the coming years.

“At the moment, determination are disposable slots and capableness to run connected the high-speed line,” it said successful a connection connected Wednesday. “This high-speed corridor has precocious postulation and was increasing until Covid-19 – a inclination that is acceptable to retrieve adjacent year. According to request analysis, it would beryllium viable and profitable for Renfe to vie with Eurostar.”

The Spanish institution noted that Eurotunnel’s Paris-London way was utilized by 9 cardinal travellers successful 2019, and that 7 cardinal of them had taken the Eurostar rider train, which connects the 2 cities successful astir 2 hours and 12 minutes.

“Renfe’s purpose is to run its ain product, meaning the archetypal measurement would beryllium the standardisation of trains,” the connection said. “The concern program is built astir the usage of astatine slightest 7 trains, and estimates suggest a instrumentality connected the concern aft 4 years.”

Renfe said a 2nd signifier could see a work to caller French and planetary destinations, adding that operating betwixt London and Paris would boost its planetary reputation.

The obstruction institution said it had already received enactment from Getlink – the European institution that operates the Channel passageway – and from HS1, which owns, runs and maintains the 109km obstruction enactment betwixt the Channel passageway and St Pancras International successful London. It added that some businesses were “well positioned successful France and precise funny successful the project’s development”.

Renfe did not supply a timeframe for the caller service, saying lone that it had begun “initial contacts” to beryllium capable to vie with Eurostar. Some erstwhile attempts astatine planetary enlargement person tally into difficulties.

In July 2019, the institution expressed a tendency to motorboat into French routes that had been recently opened to competition, with a high-speed work moving betwixt Marseille and Lyon. However, it ended up complaining of “numerous obstacles”.

Its French counterpart SNCF – which holds a 55% involvement successful Eurostar International Limited – is already operating successful the Spanish marketplace with its low-cost Ouigo enactment linking Madrid and Barcelona, which was inaugurated successful May, and successful which it invested €600m.

Agence France-Presse contributed to this report