‘Special Forces’ Recap: Hannah Brown Excels & Danny Amendola Threatens To Leave

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Hannah Brown

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00 PM ET/PT) connected  FOX. CR: Pete Dadds / FOX

00 PM ET/PT) connected  FOX. CR: Pete Dadds / FOX

Image Credit: FOX

Over the past 4 days, the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test people has claimed 8 recruits. When the 5th time begins, Danny Amendola is assigned to rally the recruits successful the morning. The Directing Staff wants to spot if helium tin get everyone unneurotic for the time and beryllium a leader.

The archetypal task of the time is the astir death-defying 1 yet. The recruits indispensable repel down the broadside of a building. It’s a agelong mode down since they’re 250 feet successful the air. Even earlier repelling down the building, they person to tally up to the apical of the gathering with their cogwheel on.

Kenya MooreKenya Moore successful ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.’ (FOX)

Pretty overmuch everyone struggles to tally up the stairs. Danny is the archetypal to go, and helium does a decent job. Kenya Moore and Dwight Howard walk the task, portion Anthony Scaramucci and Mike Piazza fail. Hannah Brown is terrified of highs, but she excels successful this challenge. The DS subordinate tells her that she has “excellent technique.”

Mike is called successful for interrogation aft the task. He’s honorable astir his performance. He’s “finishing but not doing good successful the process.” Mike admits that he’s a “little disappointed” successful himself.

The adjacent task is consecutive retired of an enactment movie. The recruits indispensable place the way retired and thrust done it portion encountering gunfire and explosions. Danny, Kenya, Mike, Anthony, Carli Lloyd, and Gus Kenworthy each neglect the task. Gus is told his show was an “absolutely catastrophic fail.” Hannah is not a instrumentality of each the yelling, but she’s capable to propulsion done and walk this task.

On the mode back, Danny gets into a heated treatment with Billy, 1 of the DS members. Billy screams astatine Danny implicit his attitude, and Danny pushes backmost erstwhile helium shouldn’t. When they get backmost to basal camp, Danny is reasoning astir leaving. Mike tells Danny that helium shouldn’t springiness up now.

Danny AmendolaDanny Amendola successful the January 25 episode. (FOX)

Danny feels disrespected. He asks Carli if Billy was retired of line. When Mike tries to chime in, everyone starts yelling astatine Mike for talking implicit Carli. Carli plays devil’s advocator with Danny. It was a heated moment, but that’s conscionable what the Directing Staff is going to effort to do.

Danny and Billy person a face-to-face speech astir what happened. Danny has to marque a determination astir whether oregon not he’s going to enactment oregon go.

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