Spencer Grammer Gushes Over Working With Dad Kelsey In Holiday Movie: He’s ‘Such A Great Influence’ (Exclusive)

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Spencer Kelsey Grammer

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Kayte Walsh and Kelsey Grammer
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Image Credit: Lifetime

Spencer Grammer and Kelsey Grammer are teaming up for their archetypal existent onscreen collaboration successful Lifetime’s The 12 Days of Christmas Eve. Spencer spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife astir the vacation film, and she said it’s conscionable the “beginning of galore different projects down the line” for her and her father.

Spencer Kelsey GrammerSpencer and Kelsey Grammer prima successful a caller Lifetime movie together. (Lifetime)

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve follows Brian Conway, a palmy businessman whose relationships with those astir him person suffered. His narration with his daughter, Michelle, is strained, and helium doesn’t person a meaningful transportation with his lone granddaughter. When Brian gets into a car mishap connected Christmas Eve, Santa gives Brian 12 chances to re-do the time and repair the relationships successful his beingness portion uncovering the existent meaning of Christmas.

Spencer revealed that moving with her begetter was a joyful experience. “I deliberation it’s due to the fact that my begetter has been specified a large power successful my beingness and truly taught maine astir the business, and we’ve ever been benignant of a vaudevillian family,” Spencer said. “My mom is besides a dancer and was a dancer connected Broadway. That’s however my parents met, truthful performing was ever the spot that was truly easy. You permission each of your idiosyncratic worldly astatine the doorway and you travel successful and you work. It’s ever been a ineffable space, truthful we some dainty it that way. It was ace fun. We had a blast. We worked truly good together.”

She added, “I deliberation that we person a bully enactment ethic, and I’ve honed my trade a batch implicit these years, truthful moving with him was conscionable genuinely a pleasure. It was bully to enactment each the different idiosyncratic worldly we whitethorn person had astatine the doorway and past travel successful and play begetter and girl actually.”

Spencer admitted that, similar Brian and Michelle, she and her dada “struggle” sometimes. “I’m the firstborn, truthful I’ve seen everything,” the histrion noted. “When you are the firstborn you benignant of acceptable the code for everyone other successful a weird way, and your parents are besides figuring it out, too. So I deliberation it’s conscionable 1 of the astir challenging relationships for the children arsenic good arsenic the parents due to the fact that you’re some learning however to beryllium a household for the archetypal clip successful a weird way.”

Spencer Kelsey GrammerSpencer and Kelsey Grammer successful ‘The 12 Days of Christmas Eve.’ (Lifetime)

The Greek alum pointed retired that “family’s analyzable for everybody. It was bully that we brought immoderate of that to the communicative arsenic well, which I deliberation allows radical to privation to alteration immoderate of their household dynamics erstwhile they ticker the movie oregon recognize that it’s a catharsis that it’s good to conflict sometimes and that you tin yet person forgiveness for 1 different and determination done it and bask the tone of Christmas together.”

Spencer and Kelsey person already spoken astir doing different movie unneurotic successful the future. “There’s similar a accidental I mightiness enactment connected immoderate different things with him, and we were talking astir possibly doing different movie similarly, but if I’ve learned thing successful this concern it’s there’s a batch of ‘it going to happen’ and a batch of ‘it didn’t happen.’ It’s decidedly a possibility, but also, you ne'er know. I similar to enactment affirmative ideas retired there, but I deliberation we astir apt will. We truly did person a large clip moving together. It was truly casual and nice. It would conscionable beryllium a bully acquisition to bash it again,” Spencer told HollywoodLife. The 12 Days of Christmas Eve volition aerial November 26 astatine 8 p.m. connected Lifetime.