Sport stars support Welsh boy, 11, who lost finger escaping from bullies

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Sport stars including boxer Anthony Joshua person sent messages of enactment to an 11-year-old lad who mislaid a digit portion trying to flight from schoolhouse bullies.

Raheem Bailey, from Abertillery successful southbound Wales, was attacked by a radical of children connected Tuesday, according to his mother, Shantal.

PA Media reported that the lad tried to fly but got a digit connected his close manus caught portion trying to ascent a fence, and aboriginal it had to beryllium amputated.

She said helium has faced “racial and carnal abuse” since starting secondary schoolhouse successful September.

Shantal said: “While helium was climbing over, helium had a ringing on, and his ringing attached to the obstruction and it ripped but besides broke his finger.

Shantal Bailey
Shantal Bailey, Raheem Bailey’s mother, says helium ‘was truthful bushed of being picked connected each day’. Photograph: household handout/PA

“Basically, helium was moving distant due to the fact that helium was truthful bushed of being picked connected each day.”

The household person received enactment successful the days since the incident, with donations to a GoFundMe leafage reaching much than £85,000 and athletics stars contacting Raheem to connection their backing.

They see footballers specified arsenic England planetary Jadon Sancho, erstwhile Wales skipper Ashley Williams and retired defender turned pundit Gary Neville.

US hoops subordinate Gerald Green, who had a palmy vocation with 9 fingers had been successful interaction to acceptable up a telephone and talk to Raheem directly, Shantal said.

On Sunday, the acquisition caput Nadhim Zahawi was asked astir the lawsuit and said it was “sickening”. He told Sky News helium had been bullied astatine schoolhouse and was committed to “stamping it out”. He recalled being thrown into a pond by bullies aft moving to the UK from Iraq arsenic a child.

Speaking to PA Media connected Sunday, Shantal said: “Here’s truthful galore radical conscionable successful antithetic places that person been truthful generous, and I did not expect what has happened truthful I americium truly, genuinely grateful for it.”

She said that helium had been successful “utter agony”, adding: “The full clip [he was] telling me, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Mummy. I conscionable couldn’t, I couldn’t enactment there, similar wherefore does nary 1 similar me?’”

However the enactment helium was getting had enactment a grin connected his face, the 28-year-old said.

“I americium truly, truly, genuinely grateful and if it tin bash thing by raising consciousness for racism, bullies, whatever.”

A Welsh authorities spokesperson said: “We condemn bullying and radical harassment successful immoderate signifier and expect allegations and incidents of bullying and racism to beryllium afloat investigated by schools, with due enactment taken to code the substance and forestall further instances from happening.”

The boy’s school, Abertillery learning community, had told Wales Online: “We are moving intimately with Gwent constabulary and the section authorization to found the afloat details of the incident. The wellbeing and information of our pupils and unit remains of paramount importance.”

A Gwent constabulary spokesperson said it had received reports of an incident.

“A multi-agency gathering has taken spot and we’re moving with the schoolhouse arsenic portion of our inquiries,” helium told Wales Online.