‘Station 19’s Boris Kodjoe Teases A ‘Huge Change’ Is Coming In ‘Grey’s Crossover: It Was ‘Traumatic’

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Exclusive Interview

November 11, 2021 10:00AM EST

The satellite of ‘Station 19’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is astir to beryllium altered forever. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Boris Kodjoe astir the upcoming crossover, and helium admitted that there’s a ‘permanent change’ coming.

Someone we emotion whitethorn not marque it retired of the Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy crossover, airing November 11, alive. An detonation rocks Seattle, and the firefighters of Station 19 contention to prevention lives. The crossover lawsuit teaser is ominous and hints that idiosyncratic is going to die. Ahead of the crossover, HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Boris Kodjoe astir this life-changing episode.

“I tin stock with you that we changeable that series for astir a week, which is simply a agelong clip to beryllium successful 1 location. We were each the mode retired somewhere, and we blew up the neighborhood,” Boris told HollywoodLife. “So these fires were based connected a state leak, I tin springiness that away. It was terrible. It was emotional. And it did alteration the firefighters’ lives forever. It changed our life, really. As actors, really. So it is simply a large deal. It’s a immense alteration that was traumatic, and it’s a imperishable change. I tin accidental that, truthful you don’t privation to miss it.”

Boris KodjoeSullivan and Maya connected ‘Station 19.’ (ABC)

In the midst of each things, Sullivan and Andy are inactive trying to fig retired the aboriginal of their relationship. Sullivan yet signed the divorcement papers. He said helium loved Andy but couldn’t beryllium the lone 1 warring for their relationship. Just earlier Andy was astir to uncover her feelings, she was called away.

“I anticipation they’re going to person a accidental to truly speech it retired due to the fact that that’s what should happen,” Boris said. “When you emotion each other, you should garbage to springiness up nary substance what. If you recovered your person, past that’s already a blessing successful general, truthful you should combat for each other. So I’m definite that astatine immoderate point, they’re going to person a accidental to truly explicit themselves and their emotion for each other.”

Boris revealed whether oregon not helium thinks Sullivan and Andy tin truly marque it work. “It’s much than making it work, though,” helium noted. “You privation to truly fulfill yourself successful the relationship, right? You privation to beryllium each successful and get everything retired of it that you want. I deliberation they person to enactment connected themselves archetypal due to the fact that they came with a batch of baggage. I deliberation they should absorption connected themselves archetypal and past fig retired if they are the idiosyncratic for each other.”

Boris KodjoeBoris Kodjoe stars arsenic Robert Sullivan connected ‘Station 19.’ (ABC)

In summation to Station 19, the histrion has partnered with Depend and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to beforehand men’s health. “We wanted to de-stigmatize the speech astir prostate crab and besides admit those who were warring the disease,” Boris said. “Right now, the numbers are staggering. One successful 8 men volition beryllium diagnosed. One successful 4 achromatic men. It’s a authorities of emergency. Unfortunately, particularly successful the Black community, the men don’t speech astir these issues. We don’t privation to beryllium susceptible and open. There are radical disparities that person contributed to that. There’s a deficiency of entree to prime wellness care, and we request to bash a amended occupation successful creating the dialog astir prostate crab and everything that it affects. Again, there’s the inclination for america to deliberation that if we unfastened up, it’s going to beryllium perceived arsenic weak. We person to alteration that erstwhile we speech astir incontinence and erstwhile we speech astir cancer. It’s important that we person periodic checkups, that we person entree to aboriginal detection, entree to care, that we region the stigma, that we make a forum to sermon these issues if we privation to alteration these numbers due to the fact that it’s a authorities of emergency.”