Steven Tyler accused of sexual assaulting a minor decades ago in new lawsuit: report

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Steven Tyler successful  2018 Steven Tyler, photographed present successful 2018, voluntarily checked himself into rehab successful May, per his Aerosmith bandmates. Getty Images

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is being accused of intersexual assault, intersexual artillery and intentional infliction of affectional distress successful a caller suit from a pistillate who claims to person had a narration with him erstwhile she was a teenager.

Julia Holcomb is alleging that Tyler convinced Holcomb’s parent to assistance him guardianship implicit her erstwhile she was 16 years old, which paved the mode for a intersexual narration from astir 1973 to 1976, according to a Rolling Stone report published Thursday.

Holcomb reportedly doesn’t sanction Tyler successful the suit, alternatively referring to the defendants arsenic Defendant Doe 1 and Does 2 done 50.

The Post has reached retired to Tyler’s representatives for comment. Tyler suffered a cause relapse and “voluntarily” checked into rehab successful May.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler sings onstage.Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is the taxable of a caller lawsuit.Getty Images

Holcomb has antecedently opened up astir the narration she claimed she shared with Tyler.

“He had mentioned that helium wanted guardianship papers truthful I could question crossed authorities lines erstwhile helium was connected tour,” Holcomb wrote successful 2011 connected “I had told him my parent would not motion maine implicit to him. I asked him however helium had got her to bash it. He said, ‘I told her I needed them for you to enroll successful school.’”

Holcomb antecedently alleged she became large aft Tyler threw her commencement power disconnected the balcony of a edifice room. While helium was traveling the state and playing concerts, the couple’s flat reportedly caught occurrence with Holcomb, past 5 months along, inside.

Choking connected smoke, she reported crawling to the doorway — which, she wrote, had 3 locks connected it. “Steven insisted connected keeping these locked astatine each times due to the fact that helium usually kept drugs successful the location and helium had suffered a break-in astatine our erstwhile apartment,” she wrote.

She claims that Tyler “told maine that I needed to person an termination due to the fact that of the fume harm to my lungs and the oxygen deprivation I had suffered.”