Stolen Big Rig Overnight Pursuit Ends With Standoff in Santa Ana

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SANTA ANA, Calif.—A much than 12-hour constabulary pursuit and standoff with a antheral successful a stolen large rig came to an extremity Thursday morning, Nov. 4, with hundreds of thousands of motorists frustrated during the greeting rush hour connected the Garden Grove (55) Freeway successful Santa Ana.

After a pursuit that began successful East Los Angeles astir 8:15 p.m. Wednesday, the fishy successful the stolen rig came to a halt connected the southbound 55 Freeway astatine MacArthur Boulevard astir 4 a.m. the adjacent morning.

However, the operator refused to exit the vehicle, prompting a standoff that lasted astir 4.5 hours and forced the closure of the freeway.

The fishy was yet taken into custody astir 8:30 a.m. But the harm was already done for commuters, who clogged metropolis streets for miles portion scrambling to find alternate routes done the area.

The rig was stolen astir 8:14 p.m. Wednesday from a nutrient work lot at Fifth and Indiana streets successful East Los Angeles, said Patrick Kimball, spokesperson of California Highway Patrol (CHP).

An worker of Individual Food Service, a Bell-based nutrient work company, called constabulary to study the tractor trailer he was driving was stolen.

CHP pursued the operator via chopper and with conveyance patrols, and the fishy was slowed down connected the 118 and 101 freeways by spike strips aggregate times.

Yet he did not halt contempt the blowouts connected the rig’s beforehand and backmost tires, Kimball said. At slightest 2 of the 18-wheeler’s tires were blown completely disconnected the rig.

Just earlier 11 p.m. 3 further attempts with the spike strips were utilized to nary avail, Kimball said.

With the motortruck moving chiefly connected damaged rims, the fishy came to a halt connected the 55 Freeway astatine astir 4 a.m., opening the standoff that forced the freeway closure.

Police backed an armored conveyance up to the truck’s cab to pin the fishy successful place, but helium inactive refused to exit the vehicle.

After hours of negotiations, the fishy appeared to surrender without incident. His sanction was not instantly released.

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