Stop Folding Your Kids' Clothes (and Other Ways to Help Them Keep Their Room Organized)

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Unless you person 1 of those preternaturally tidy young children we person occasionally heard astir but inactive are not convinced exist, you could astir apt usage immoderate assistance limiting the messiness in their room. And portion we can’t make your kid cleanable up aft themselves, we bash person a fewer organizational tips that tin assistance marque the enactment easier for them—and by association, you.

Use slim, non-slip hangers

One mode to safeguard against your kid lifting up each point of covering from its folded presumption to punctual themselves what it looks similar earlier they determine not to deterioration it is to marque definite it’s each visible. Instead of folding, bent worldly up—and usage slim, kid-sized hangers, which instrumentality up little abstraction than accepted hangers. Get the benignant with the velvety texture designed to support apparel from slipping off, reducing the magnitude of sweaters and dresses precariously hanging by 1 enarthrosis acceptable to driblet astatine the slightest jostling.

Closet doubler rods volition make much hanging abstraction and enactment rods astatine your child’s oculus level, allowing them to bent much of their ain apparel up themselves, and consciousness rather susceptible successful the process.

Use a hanging footwear organizer

Speaking of pulling treble duty, we each cognize the usefulness of a integrative implicit the doorway hanging organizer for shoes—but person you tried utilizing 1 for different likelihood and ends? Turns retired those pint-sized pockets are astonishing keepers of underwear, socks, brushes, lotions, diapers, Barbie dolls, Matchbox cars, scrunchies, and each mode of different crap precious trinkets your kid hoards connected each aboveground successful their room. (And portion we’re connected the taxable of repurposing aged items successful caller ways, bash yourself a favour and cheque retired this wine container divider hack.)

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Boxes and bins; bins and boxes

Two words: retention bins. Whether you get the stackable kind that acceptable connected apical of each different oregon enlist the assistance of a cube retention organizer, retention bins are each parent’s champion friend. Ideally, your kid tin drawback a bin and locomotion astir their country (or the house) picking up the applicable items to beryllium tossed into that bin. Provided they are each intelligibly labeled, which they should be. While immoderate whitethorn beryllium for sheets, shoes, oregon sports instrumentality not presently successful use, they tin besides beryllium utilized for your child’s mundane clothes—which brings america to our adjacent point.

Have you considered not folding anything?

Ok, not anything (t-shirts would benignant of beryllium a disaster). But definite things—like PJs, shorts, tights, and bathing suits—can astir apt beryllium thrown successful a labeled bin instead, right? We’re not saying chuck things successful in monolithic balls, but definite items wouldn’t endure overmuch from, let’s say, an easing of your folding standards. While it volition origin a fewer much wrinkles, it volition prevention you—and your child—loads of time. (And the constituent is to get them to bash arsenic overmuch of the enactment arsenic possible, right?)

Install pegboard and hooks

Pegboards aren’t conscionable for tools anymore. Installing 1 connected the backmost partition of your kid’s closet tin supply arsenic a abstraction to bent shot caps, necklaces, stuffed animals, headbands, and thing other tiny and airy capable to beryllium acceptable connected a metallic hook. For an adjacent nicer look, instrumentality the pegboard extracurricular and overgarment it to lucifer the country (or bargain it achromatic to debar the drab cardboard color). Speaking of hooks, assistance your kid wide level abstraction with decorative partition hooks to bent robes, sweatshirts, belts, hats, and bags.

Get down connected your child’s level

When considering your kid’s closet and country organization, author, decorator and blogger Sarah Symonds reminds parents to “think connected their level” and signifier with your child’s tallness and interests successful mind. Think strategically astir what they request regular entree to, and wherever it volition beryllium easiest for them to enactment those things away. Put things they don’t usage regularly, oregon are retired of season, connected apical shelves oregon higher hooks; support apparel and toys they usage regular oregon play astatine oculus level oregon below. Or...

Nix the toys altogether

Depending connected your child’s age, it whitethorn marque consciousness to escaped their country of toys altogether (besides a fewer favourite stuffed carnal friends, of course). I can’t talk for each kids, but excavation ne'er wanted to play unsocial successful their rooms until they were 7 oregon 8—and adjacent then, not often. While they’re inactive young, instrumentality vantage of their tendency to beryllium astir others and determination the toys to communal areas wherever you tin assistance negociate them.

Granted, it’s a double-edged sword, choosing to support each the toys successful a downstairs communal country oregon the basement. There’s going to beryllium a batch of overflow to the kitchen, for 1 thing. But astatine slightest you’ll cognize what messes prevarication up alternatively than going upstairs astatine the extremity of the time lone to find a colossal Lego detonation close earlier bedtime.