Stop Using These Recalled Pacifiers That Pose a Choking Hazard

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Whether they’re called pacifiers, binkies, dodies, oregon pacis successful your household, their intent is to soothe babies. But there’s thing soothing astir a pacifier that poses a imaginable information to your baby. For this reason, Mushie & Co—a institution that manufactures and sells a wide assortment of products for babies and tiny children—is recalling 2 of their astir fashionable pacifiers due to the fact that they airs a choking hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports. Here’s what to know.

Which pacifiers are being recalled?

Though Mushie & Co sells a assortment of FRIGG silicone pacifiers, lone 2 of the designs are being recalled: the Classic and the Daisy. Both products dwell of silicone nipples attached to integrative shields with the sanction “FRIGG” written successful raised letters connected the handle. The Classic’s shield is round, portion the Daisy’s shield is circular and scalloped. Each plan is disposable successful 2 sizes: 0–6 months and 6–18 months, and were sold successful much than 40 colors.

In summation to being sold connected the Mushie & Co website and Amazon, the recalled pacifiers were besides disposable successful retailers nationwide, including SpearmintLOVE, TJ Maxx, Lil Tulips, and Olivia & Jade Company from April 2021 done December 2021. They outgo astir $8 for a azygous pacifier, and astir $15 for a battalion of two.

Why are the pacifiers being recalled?

The Classic and Daisy pacifiers are being recalled due to the fact that the basal of their silicone nipple has a good slit that tin origin the nipple to detach from the integrative shield, posing a choking hazard. So far, Mushie & Co has received 8 reports of this happening, arsenic good arsenic astir 200 reports from extracurricular the U.S. of the silicone nipple detaching from the integrative shield (without the slit). So far, nary injuries person been reported, according to the CPSC.

What to bash if you person the recalled pacifiers

First of all, support them distant from children. To get a afloat refund oregon recognition for immoderate recalled pacifiers you’ve purchased, chopped the silicone nipple from the basal of the pacifier and drawback a photograph of some the detached silicone nipple and the basal of the pacifier. Then nonstop it to to Mushie & Co via this webpage. The CPSC advises anyone with the pacifiers to properly dispose of them by placing some pieces successful the trash.