Streaking Nets will be tested on long road trip

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The Nets person gotten steadfast astatine home, rebounding from a dilatory commencement to win 3 consecutive games and 4 of five. 

This caller agelong of improved play volition present beryllium tested, arsenic they caput retired connected the roadworthy for a six-game trip, starting Friday against the Pistons aft their caller six-game homestand. 

“You decidedly get comfy being astatine location for truthful long, truthful present it is adjacent tougher going connected the road,” Kevin Durant said. “We look guardant to it. It is simply a bully trial to spot wherever we are arsenic a group.” 

This volition beryllium the Nets’ longest roadworthy travel of the season, though it isn’t precisely a large situation considering they volition play conscionable 1 squad with a winning record, Monday astatine the astonishing Bulls (6-2). Their biggest absorption is continuing to play arsenic they person of late, with their past 3 wins — implicit the Hawks, Pistons and Pacers — coming by an mean of 14 points. 

After a dilatory  commencement  to the season, James Harden has returned to his old-self during the Nets' three-game triumph   streak.After a dilatory commencement to the season, James Harden has returned to his old-self during the Nets’ three-game triumph streak.Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

“It was precise important for america to walk these 2 weeks astatine location … getting reacquainted with the city, our routines, each other,” Durant said. “So it was bully to beryllium astatine location doing that. Take it connected the roadworthy now.” 

The Nets are starting to spot James Harden “the superstar statesman to re-emerge.” Over this three-game winning streak, helium averaged 21 points, 10.3 assists and 7.3 rebounds portion shooting 47 percent from the field. Those numbers are much on the lines of what the Nets expected from Harden, adjacent if helium attempted conscionable 4 escaped throws successful the past 2 games. 

“I deliberation we’re seeing betterment from James. We’re seeing a small spot of everything,” manager Steve Nash said. “We’re seeing him get to the handbasket oregon get by his feline and get successful the overgarment a small more. We’re seeing him marque much 3s, drafting fouls. He had a blocked changeable [in Wednesday’s triumph implicit the Hawks], a large steal. He’s moving connected it, he’s getting better, and it’s breathtaking to spot him proceed to improve.” 

Forward Nick Claxton (non-COVID-19 illness) volition miss his 5th consecutive crippled connected Friday against the Pistons, the Nets announced.