Streets, Freeway Ramps to Close for the 2021 LA Marathon

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LOS ANGELES—A big of streets and freeway ramps volition beryllium closed Nov. 7 to accommodate the 36th yearly Los Angeles Marathon.

This year, the marathon volition travel a caller way from Dodger Stadium to Century City.

The contention volition commencement astatine 6:30 a.m. Runners volition past caput done downtown Los Angeles, Echo Park, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, Westwood, Brentwood, and backmost to Century City.

Most of the closures volition statesman astatine astir 4 a.m. Streets connected the aboriginal parts of the people volition reopen erstwhile each runners walk and the roadways are cleared. Many streets volition beryllium reopened by 1 p.m., with the objection of those adjacent the decorativeness line, wherever closures volition proceed until 5 p.m.

The marathon is requiring impervious of afloat vaccination oregon a antagonistic COVID-19 trial for each participants, staff, volunteers, media, and spectators entering the starting country astatine Dodger Stadium.

Face coverings volition besides beryllium required successful the starting area, and volition beryllium recommended successful each different areas.

Race participants volition person to taxable their impervious of vaccination oregon antagonistic trial connected Friday oregon Saturday astatine the event’s Health and Fitness Expo, and they volition person a verification band.

Epoch Times Photo Start of the Los Angeles Marathon astatine Dodger Stadium successful Los Angeles connected March 9, 2014. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Los Angeles County’s nationalist wellness manager Barbara Ferrer said during a Nov. 4 online media briefing that organizers of Sunday’s marathon person been moving with wellness officials “to program for this lawsuit to beryllium arsenic harmless arsenic possible.”

“They’ve made a batch of modifications truthful that the runners volition beryllium safe,” Ferrer said. “And, of course, successful presumption of spectators, it’s up to each of america to support our region if we’re successful crowded places, arsenic always. … It’s a agelong route, truthful radical person plentifulness of accidental to dispersed out.”

Last year’s marathon was held conscionable arsenic the COVID-19 pandemic was unfolding, and this year’s contention was pushed backmost arsenic the microorganism continued to spread.

Ferrer said contention organizers person worked to adhd “extra information measures.”

“So I consciousness comfortable,” she said. “It’s an outdoor event. The biggest contented with outdoor events is conscionable erstwhile there’s a batch of crowding for a agelong play of time, truthful hopefully spectators debar being successful those situations. And I cognize the marathon organizers person truly gone to large lengths to limit
the magnitude of crowding that’s going to hap among the runners.

“The bully happening is, erstwhile they’re running, they’re often not precise adjacent to everybody other for extended periods of time, and that excessively volition marque it safer for the athletes.”

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