Sunday with David Olusoga: ‘I feel this urge to check for major disasters’

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Describe your Sunday morning… I thin to get up aboriginal and work. I’m incapable of sleeping past 7am – I mislaid that accomplishment successful my 20s – and spot nary constituent successful conscionable lying there. I utilized to constitute precocious into the night, but present I find I’m much productive earlier meal and my girl appearing.

How bash you relax? Taking my dog, George, for a locomotion oregon my girl to the playground. After a precise municipality life, enjoying being successful quality has been a find from my archetypal acquisition of semi-rural living. And I effort to play my guitars, though I’m retired of practice. I imagination of a status returning to, and gathering on, my young self’s philharmonic abilities.

The cleanable Sunday lunch? Food doesn’t play a immense portion successful my life. I similar to eat, but don’t ticker Bake Off or bask cooking. I sometimes consciousness contiguous that’s hardly allowed: 80%Eighty per cent of tv is of nary involvement to maine – it makes you thing of a societal pariah.

Sundays increasing up? I had tons of siblings. We were ever together, playing retired connected our estate, climbing hills and trees, oregon watching television. And past came the constituent erstwhile the amusive had to extremity – I was ne'er a kid to bash my homework earlier the past minute. It’s funny, bBack past my narration with enactment was astir apt healthier.

Sunday night? Once my girl is successful furniture I’m backmost successful the bureau preparing for Monday. I don’t drink, truthful I unwind successful the plot with my partner. And past I’ll beryllium and read: close present that’s Orwell’s The Lion and the Unicorn, Afropean by Johny Pitts, and Peter Mitchell’s Imperial Nostalgia.

Last happening you cheque connected your phone? The news, conscionable to marque definite there’ve been nary unspeakable planetary developments. It’s not hugely relaxing, but I’m trying to trim my surface clip earlier bed, due to the fact that I person chronic insomnia. I conscionable consciousness this impulse to cheque for large disasters. It’s a hangover, I think, from the days of Donald Trump.

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