‘Super rare’ group of four blue whales spotted off Western Australia coast

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Catching conscionable a glimpse of a bluish whale is thrilling – astatine up to 30 metres long, it is the world’s largest animal.

So erstwhile Dylan deHaas sent his drone up aft proceeding a whale spout successful the adjacent distance, helium was stunned to spot a radical of 4 of the elephantine mammals successful his frame.

The Perth lensman had been with his wife, Sarah, relaxing connected a vessel disconnected the seashore of Margaret River connected Australia’s south-west extremity connected Tuesday morning, erstwhile they encountered the monolithic beasts.

“I walk a batch of clip successful and astir the ocean, but I had nary thought of the group, it was lone erstwhile the drone went up that I could spot them,” deHaas said.

Four bluish  whales disconnected  the seashore  adjacent   the Margaret river, Western Australia.
‘It was beauteous insane to spot them all, it was spectacular.’ Photograph: Dylan Dehaas

Boats indispensable support a 100-metre region from whales successful the area, nevertheless deHaas said the whales were little than 200 metres from the coast, and were truthful ample that their beingness successful the h2o could inactive beryllium felt.

“We were conscionable chilling successful the boat, relaxing, and the adjacent infinitesimal we heard the spout.”

“It was beauteous insane to spot them all, it was spectacular.”

DeHaas said helium had lone seen a bluish whale erstwhile earlier successful his life, and that it was thing Sarah had ever wanted to see.

“She’s ne'er seen 1 before, truthful arsenic soon arsenic we realised it was a bluish whale, she started crying,”

“It’s ace uncommon to spot them successful a radical of four,” deHaas said of the whales, which had travel from waters astir Indonesia and were connected their mode to Antarctica to provender successful the coming months.

Since posting his images to societal media this week, deHaas has been amazed by the response, which included being contacted by Tourism Australia.

“It truly was stunning.”