Surveillance Footage Of Possible Serial Killer Suspect In California

3 months ago 12

Police accidental a imaginable California serial slayer seems to beryllium "on a mission" aft the fatal shooting of six men and the wounding of 1 woman.

Brand caller video of a idiosyncratic of involvement successful what could be serial killings in Stockton, California has been released.

The idiosyncratic is seen walking distant from the camera, dressed successful acheronian covering but showing the person's gait. It's possibly captious discourse for a nationalist present being asked to supply clues. 

"We haven't seen this idiosyncratic committing a transgression enactment but seems to beryllium showing up successful immoderate of our caller homicides. It's a idiosyncratic that we decidedly privation identified," said Chief Stanley McFadden of the Stockton Police Department.

Police are present offering a six-figure reward for accusation astir the person. 

"That's not precise casual to place the idiosyncratic from that 1 video. But if you person video, if you person a weapon, if you person forensic grounds similar fingerprints oregon DNA, those are each precise utile to amusement that you person a serial killer. Otherwise you're guessing that it's the aforesaid person," said Kenneth Gray, a retired FBI cause and elder lecturer astatine the University of New Haven.

Now investigators person connected astatine slightest 1 much decease successful Oakland past twelvemonth to 5 others since July successful Stockton — astir 70 miles away. 

"We bash judge we person a imaginable serial killer," said McFadden. 

A azygous subsister told constabulary the idiosyncratic was a antheral astir 5-feet-10-inches to 6 feet gangly wearing a acheronian hoodie, acheronian pants and a aesculapian look mask. 

The politician of Stockton is pleading with the nationalist for information. 

"This is very, precise concerning," said Kevin Lincoln II. "The astir important happening is to bring justness for these families."

Six families are grieving a loved 1 arsenic constabulary effort to halt a slayer they picture arsenic "on a mission."

"My parent and begetter were conscionable heartbroken from this, you know, that's the archetypal babe lad and I cognize they person truthful galore memories of him," said Jerry Lopez, a victim's brother.