Surviving The Storm: Newsy Team Covering Ian Narrowly Saved By Locals

3 months ago 20

A Newsy Team covering hurricane Ian became overwhelmed successful the tempest surge. Luckily immoderate section Floridians were determination to prevention the day.

Newsy Meteorologist Scott Withers has covered hurricanes for a decade, each on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. And contempt the melodramatic scenes, helium and his unit ever enactment information first. But thing successful their acquisition prepared them for Ian. 

Journalists mostly don't similar to archer idiosyncratic stories, their occupation is to study connected different people's experiences, not their own. 

But what happened to Withers and lensman Kyle Short could hap to anyone, truthful they're sharing it. 

And with each the grooming and acquisition successful the world, tempest surges tin inactive sneak up connected you — which is precisely what happened.