Suspect in Fatal Shooting at Hotel Near Detroit Surrenders

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DEARBORN, Mich.—A antheral accused of fatally shooting a hotel clerk successful suburban Detroit during a quality implicit wealth past barricading himself wrong a country has surrendered to police, authorities said.

The gunman’s surrender astatine the Hampton Inn successful Dearborn occurred soon earlier 9 p.m. EDT Thursday, oregon astir 7 hours aft the standoff began. Businesses successful the surrounding fashionable eating and buying country had been evacuated oregon locked down.

The antheral was “armed with a rifle, galore times threatened officers, and it was rather tenuous,” Dearborn constabulary Chief Issa Shahin told reporters. “But fortunately, we were capable to resoluteness that peacefully.”

The shooting stemmed from a quality implicit wealth with staff, Shahin said. The antheral who was shot, identified arsenic a 55-year-old from Riverview, was taken to a infirmary and died, Shahin said.

He was “just trying to bash his job,” Shahin said.

Shahin said the suspect, who was not identified by constabulary Thursday, had a past of intelligence unwellness and substance abuse.

Shots were reported soon aft 1 p.m. successful the engaged territory successful Dearborn, a metropolis of implicit 100,000 radical conscionable westbound and southwest of Detroit. The fishy was contained successful the hotel, constabulary Cpl. Dan Bartok told reporters.

Police evacuated the edifice and surrounding businesses. Traffic into the downtown was blocked, Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said.

Earlier, authorities constabulary said successful a tweet that the “situation is progressive and dangerous” and that shots inactive “were being fired by the suspect.”

Officers successful tactical cogwheel could beryllium seen, arsenic good arsenic exigency vehicles.

Some businesses adjacent the hotel, including Dearborn Federal Savings Bank and Better Health Market, locked down with customers inside.

“There are constabulary everywhere,” said Cheryl Seguin, a information serviceman astatine the bank. “Police from aggregate jurisdictions and federal, county, authorities agencies. Multiple constabulary cars and different types of units—EMS, conscionable astir everything.”

Patrick Collins, manager of the Better Health Market, described seeing police, automatic weapons, and ambulances. Three customers were wrong the market.

“There’s a batch going on,” helium said.

By Corey Williams, Claire Savage, and Mike Householder

The Associated Press