Sweden Extends Pause of Moderna Vaccine for Under-30s Due to Heart-Related Side Effects

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Sweden has extended its intermission of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for radical aged 30 and younger owed to heart-related side-effects, the nationalist wellness bureau announced connected Oct. 21.

The European Medicines Agency approved the usage of Moderna’s Spikevax for children aged implicit 12 successful July, marking the archetypal clip the changeable had been authorized for usage successful radical nether 18.

But connected Oct. 6, the Public Health Agency of Sweden said it was pausing the usage of Spikevax among radical calved successful 1991 oregon aboriginal aft information showed an accrued hazard of inflammation of the bosom muscle (myocarditis) or the sac surrounding the bosom (pericarditis). The archetypal intermission had a deadline of Dec. 1.

But the bureau announced Thursday that it was extending that intermission beyond the archetypal deadline for people aged 30 and younger and anyone who has received a archetypal dose of Spikevax is recommended to person Pfizer’s Comirnaty arsenic a 2nd dose instead.

The European Medicines Agency approved the usage of Comirnaty successful May.

“Now everyone nether 30 waiting for their 2nd dose tin person it,” said Anders Tegnell, authorities epidemiologist astatine the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The wellness bureau besides said it plans to enactment an extremity to wide investigating and will remove the proposal for investigating for those who are afloat vaccinated, careless of whether oregon not they are displaying symptoms. The new testing guidelines travel into effect connected Nov. 1.

“We indispensable trial those who are astir astatine hazard of being infected with COVID-19. The vaccine protects well, supra each against terrible illness but besides against corruption and the dispersed of infection,” Health Agency authoritative Britta Bjorkholm told a quality conference.

The wellness bureau noted that individuals who are patients oregon moving successful wellness attraction should inactive get tested, arsenic good arsenic those who person been successful adjacent interaction with idiosyncratic who is confirmed to person contracted the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Out of 139,651 tests performed past week, 3 percent came backmost positive.

Currently, astir 85 percent of each Swedes aged 16 and older have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while 80 percent person had 2 shots oregon more.

Meanwhile, a World Health Organization (WHO) advisory radical is studying decisions successful some Sweden and Denmark to halt vaccinating young radical with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine amid wellness concerns.

Denmark announced earlier this period that it would halt offering the Moderna vaccine to anyone under 18 arsenic a “precautionary principle” owed to information indicating heart-related broadside effects.

“In the preliminary information … determination is simply a suspicion of an accrued hazard of bosom inflammation, erstwhile vaccinated with Moderna,” the Danish Health Authority said.

The effect of those studies are expected soon, WHO’s Assistant Director-General Mariangela Simao said connected Thursday.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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