Sydney Man Arrested for Blackmailing Optus Data Breach Victims

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A 19-year-old antheral successful Sydney has been arrested and could look up to 10 years successful situation aft trying to blackmail dozens of Optus customers whose ID documents were exposed successful the caller cyberattack.

Australian Federal Police said the antheral obtained the lawsuit records publicised by the hackers connected an online forum pursuing the information breach.

After, helium texted 93 radical and threatened to usage their information for different crimes if they did not manus implicit $2,000 (US$1,290).

Alleged Blackmailer to Face Trial

The Rockdale antheral is charged with 2 offences: utilizing a telecommunication web to perpetrate blackmail and dealing with recognition accusation illegally.

Police said the antheral started his scam successful the week commencing Sept. 26 and alleged that helium would person continued to enactment his mode done the database if not arrested.

None of the radical contacted by the alleged blackmailer transferred the wealth demanded.

“We recognize however disquieted immoderate members of the assemblage are,” AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough said.

“I privation to springiness the assemblage reassurance the AFP and our partners are moving astir the timepiece to assistance support your idiosyncratic information.”

Epoch Times Photo Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough speaks to the media successful Sydney, Australia, connected April 19, 2020. (AAP Image/Joel Carrett)

The alleged blackmailer volition look Sydney Central Local Court astatine a aboriginal date. He could beryllium sentenced to a maximum of 10 years successful situation if recovered guilty.

“The informing is clear–do not trial the capableness oregon dedication of instrumentality enforcement,” Gough said.

“Just due to the fact that determination has been 1 apprehension does not mean determination won’t beryllium more.”

New Amendments to Telecommunications Regulations

Meanwhile, the Australian authorities is prepared to present new amendments to the Telecommunications Regulations 2021, which are said to supply Australians with amended protections against fraud successful the aftermath of the Optus information breach.

Under the amendments, telcos tin temporarily stock captious accusation specified arsenic driver’s licence, Medicare and passport numbers with fiscal work firms.

This would let companies to fortify their monitoring and safeguards for customers successful lawsuit their idiosyncratic information is compromised.

In addition, telcos volition besides beryllium capable to stock accusation with the national authorities and authorities and territory agencies to forestall fraud aft a information breach occurs.

“What this is each astir is to effort and trim the interaction of this information breach connected Optus customers and to alteration fiscal institutions to instrumentality enhanced safeguards and monitoring,” Communications Minister Michelle Rowland told reporters.

“We instrumentality people’s idiosyncratic accusation and the extortion of that precise seriously.”

Rowland besides said Optus had asked for greater information entree to heighten their fraud monitoring.

“We examined this, did due owed diligence, and we request to beryllium clear. These regulations are specifically successful effect to these cyber threats, and we cognize this is connected a standard and scope that hasn’t happened successful Australia before,” she said.

“We considered it prudent having taken and considered the due ineligible proposal that the astir effectual mode to alteration this information to beryllium shared beyond uncertainty was done amending these regulations.”

Meanwhile, Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the amendments were created with manufacture consultation and would let information to beryllium shared much safely and securely.

“They’ve been cautiously designed with beardown privateness and information safeguards to guarantee lone constricted accusation tin beryllium made disposable temporarily to forestall and respond to cyber information incidents, fraud, scams and related activities,” helium told reporters.

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