Sydney Mayors Oppose ISIS Wives Resettlement

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Three Sydney mayors volition conscionable with Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil to dependable their absorption to the repatriation of Australian wives and children of Islamist State fighters successful the city’s southwest.

Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun says the resettlement of the families successful occidental Sydney could impact re-traumatising precocious arrived refugees specified arsenic Yazidis and Assyrians fleeing IS unit from Iraq and Syria.

“You would not enactment a unfortunate of a transgression adjacent to the perpetrator oregon the idiosyncratic who is an accessory to the perpetrator,” Cr Mannoun told AAP.

“If the authorities has an work to bring them into the country, past that’s fine, but surely communal consciousness says you bash not enactment these radical successful these neighbourhoods.

“I person consulted with members of my community, and they’re saying it is insane.”

Four Australian women who person been successful the al-Roj campy successful Syria since the autumn of ISIS arrived successful Sydney on with 13 children past period pursuing a concealed operation.

Cr Mannoun, Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone and Campbelltown Mayor George Greiss are expected to person a information briefing from Ms O’Neil connected Friday.

The gathering comes aft the 3 wrote to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese outlining their concerns.

“We don’t privation to politicise the matter, but this affects the societal cohesion and beauteous tapestry of occidental Sydney,” Cr Mannoun said.

Cr Carbone questioned wherefore the families weren’t being returned to Melbourne, saying refugees successful his country had mislaid their homes and their churches and witnessed the execution of people.

“It’s similar putting Hitler’s woman successful a Jewish town; it’s truly insensitive and truly poor,” helium told Sky News connected Friday.

“I don’t deliberation the authorities has thought this through.”

Federal Labor curate Jason Clare noted that the erstwhile conjugation authorities besides repatriated radical successful a akin concern backmost to Australia and to his electorate of Blaxland successful Sydney’s west.

“(Former location affairs minister) Peter Dutton didn’t travel to Bankstown; helium didn’t archer maine thing astir it and near my assemblage wholly successful the dark,” helium told Nine’s Today Show connected Friday.

Clare said helium could lone presume the women who were precocious returned had renounced ISIS.

“ISIS was a rubbish violent organisation which went astir sidesplitting guiltless people,” helium said.

“Nobody … successful Australia would person a bully connection to accidental astir them, and I would presume these radical would not either.”

Opposition lawman person Sussan Ley said the radical of occidental Sydney had been disrespected, but it was bully O’Neil was yet gathering with assemblage leaders.

“Please perceive to the radical of occidental Sydney,” she told Nine.

ISIS grew retired of the governmental vacuum near successful Iraq and the civilian warfare successful Syria, declaring a “caliphate” successful 2014 and ruling with an robust fist implicit swathes of territory betwixt some countries.

ISIS attracted thousands of overseas fighters, including dozens of Australians, who committed atrocities and genocidal acts successful immoderate instances, according to the United Nations, towards the Gnostic-worshipping Yazidis and Christian Assyrians.

Federal constabulary commissioner Reece Kershaw confirmed connected Tuesday the unit was investigating whether the repatriated Australians had breached immoderate laws prohibiting travel to prime warfare zones, including Syria.

He said the 17 returned women and children, who person settled successful Victoria and NSW, had co-operated with police.

The authorities says surveillance and restrictions volition assistance mitigate immoderate imaginable menace of extremism from the returned women and children.



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