Syria Kurds Halt Joint Ops With US-led Coalition After Turkish Raids

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QAMISHLI, Syria—The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a U.S.-backed radical that helped decision ISIS terrorists successful Syria, said connected Friday it had stopped each associated counter-terrorism operations with the United States and different allies arsenic a effect of Turkish bombardment connected its country of control.

The determination was confirmed by the U.S. military, which said successful a connection that U.S. forces successful the portion had “paused each partnered operations” against the ISIS violent radical successful Syria.

Turkey has ramped up its shelling and aerial strikes connected bluish Syria successful caller weeks and is preparing a crushed penetration against Syrian Kurdish fighters that it dubs terrorists but who marque up the bulk of the SDF.

The SDF has agelong warned that warring disconnected a caller Turkish incursion would divert resources from protecting a situation holding ISIS fighters oregon warring ISIS sleeper cells inactive waging hit-and-run attacks successful Syria.

SDF spokesperson Aram Henna told Reuters that “all coordination and associated counter-terrorism operations” with the U.S.-led conjugation battling remnants of ISIS successful Syria arsenic good arsenic “all the associated peculiar operations we were carrying retired regularly” had been halted.

The Turkish bombardment—using some long-range weapons and aerial strikes—has frustrated its NATO state Washington.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told his Turkish counterpart connected Wednesday that the United States was successful “strong absorption to a caller Turkish subject cognition successful Syria.” Austin besides said Turkish raids had straight threatened the information of U.S. personnel.

White House spokesperson John Kirby connected Friday echoed those remarks, telling reporters that portion the United States backs Turkey’s quality to support itself successful Turkey, “there’s tons of reasons wherefore these operations springiness america concern,” including the imaginable harm to civilians and Americans successful that portion of Syria.

“We besides don’t privation to spot thing that would impact our quality to proceed to enactment the unit connected ISIS and to impact our concern with the SDF,” Kirby told reporters successful a briefing, adding that erstwhile Turkish operations person made the SDF “less consenting to proceed to lend to counter-ISIS” operations.

The U.S.-led conjugation has backed the SDF with aerial strikes, subject equipment, and advisers since 2017, archetypal helping it wrest backmost territory from ISIS and past supporting clearing operations against ISIS sleeper cells.

Sheikhmous Ahmed, the caput of the displacement section successful Syria’s northeast, told Reuters that Turkish raids successful precocious November had disrupted operations successful and astir al-Hol, a detention campy wherever women and children affiliated to ISIS fighters are held.

He said humanitarian operations were suspended for respective days and that immoderate minors affiliated to ISIS tried to flight but were caught.

A Western root briefed connected the substance said determination had been “some worrying movement” successful the country wherever overseas ISIS-linked women and children were held.

But a spokesperson for U.S. Central Command said the SDF continued to “conduct patrols and support information astatine the al-Hol displaced persons campy and the detention facilities.”

SDF caput Mazloum Abdi told Reuters earlier this week that helium wanted to perceive a stronger connection from Washington successful effect to unprecedented Turkish deployments on the border.

“We are inactive nervous. We request stronger, much coagulated statements to halt Turkey,” helium said.

By Orhan Qereman