Tab overload? How to control what happens when you start your browser

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Today’s tech is each astir choice. There’s the classical debate: iPhone versus Android. It’s astir a batch much than bluish and greenish connection bubbles. 

You person options erstwhile it comes to GPS apps, too. Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are the large hitters. 

When it comes to your browser, it goes beyond conscionable which 1 you use. Some radical occurrence up their computers and privation the browser tabs to reopen precisely wherever they near off. Others mightiness similar a cleanable slate. Here’s however to bash both. 

Too galore tabs? 

If you’re successful the mediate of a task oregon person traveled acold down a rabbit spread of research, it’s understandable that you privation to beryllium capable to instrumentality a interruption and travel backmost to each your unfastened tabs.  

Having too galore unfastened tabs does person a drawback, though. It tin dilatory down your machine by hogging tons of resources. 

Let’s reappraisal however to acceptable up your browser to unfastened with your erstwhile tabs oregon a caller one. 


You tin customize Google Chrome to unfastened with a caller tab oregon reopen the aforesaid tabs you were utilizing erstwhile you last discontinue the browser: 

To unfastened Chrome to a caller tab: 

Open Chrome and click the three vertical dots, then Settings

Click On startup and select Open the New Tab page

To proceed Chrome wherever you near off: 

Open Chrome and click the three vertical dots, then Settings

Click On startup and select Continue wherever you near off

Google searchGoogle Chrome tin beryllium customized to reopen the aforesaid tabs from erstwhile you past discontinue the browser.Shuttestock


You tin motorboat Safari with a caller window, a caller backstage window, each the windows from your past session, oregon each the non-private windows from your erstwhile session. 

To unfastened Safari to a caller window: 

Go to Safari > Preferences and select General

Next to “Safari opens with,” select A caller window or A caller backstage window from the dropdown menu. 

To unfastened Safari and proceed wherever you near off: 

Go to Safari > Preferences and select General

Next to “Safari opens with,” select All Windows from past session or All non-private windows from past session from the dropdown menu. 


When Firefox starts, 1 model is opened by default, displaying your specified location page. You tin acceptable this by clicking the menu hamburger button and going to Settings > Home. The default determination is Firefox Home. 

To reconstruct your erstwhile league connected Firefox startup: 

Launch Firefox, click the menu hamburger button, and select Settings, past the General panel

Below Startup, cheque the container adjacent to Open erstwhile windows and tabs


You tin open Microsoft Edge to a caller tab erstwhile you motorboat it oregon prime up wherever you near off. 

To commencement Edge fresh: 

Launch Edge, click connected the three-dots icon, and select Settings

Click On startup from the near pane. 

The default mounting is Open a caller tab. Select it if thing other is set. 

To person Edge unfastened with the aforesaid tabs from the past clip you quit: 

Launch Edge, click connected the three-dots icon, and select Settings

Click On startup from the near pane. 

Select the enactment for Continue wherever you near off