Taiwan Ministry of Defense Think Tank Calls for Drills Against CCP’s Escalating Cyberattacks

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The Chinese communist authorities launched much cyberattacks against Taiwan aft U.S. House speakers Nancy Pelosi’s visit, portion doing live-fire subject exercises that crossed into Taiwan’s broadside of the Taiwan Strait. Facing the threats, the National Defense Security Research Institute successful Taiwan called for drills to ward disconnected the attacks.

The institute, a deliberation vessel of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, published a study titled “Revelation from the Russian-Ukrainian War to the CCP’s ‘Cyber War’ to Taiwan” connected Aug. 8. Colonel Liao Song-bai wrote that, regarding the escalated cyberattacks by the Chinese regime, the authorities should behaviour national-level “cyber warfare onslaught and defence drills” successful response. He pointed retired that cyber warfare blurs the enactment betwixt peacetime and wartime, “because the cyber wars are fought astir each day.”

In the report, helium listed the CCP’s astir caller attacks. Last week during Pelosi’s sojourn to Taiwan, TV screens connected galore supermarket walls crossed Taiwan, including 7-11 stores, and show screens successful subways were hacked to amusement simplified Chinese characters speechmaking messages similar “Old Witch Visiting Taiwan.” The TV show systems were each utilizing Chinese apps, according to the Taiwan National Communication Commission, which made them susceptible to the hacks.

On Aug. 2 erstwhile Pelosi arrived successful Taiwan, determination were 23 times much cyberattacks targeting Taiwan than usual, and authorities websites, specified arsenic the Presidential Palace, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were each hacked by IP addresses successful China and Russia. Chinese hacker group APT27 claimed liable for the attacks.

Epoch Times Photo People devour arsenic a tv broadcasts quality astir U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, astatine a edifice successful Taipei, Taiwan, connected Aug. 1, 2022. (Ann Wang/Rueters)

According to a survey by Check Point Software Technologies, a information bundle supplier based successful Israel, Taiwan successful 2021 was attacked by hackers an mean of 2,644 times per week—a 38 percent leap from erstwhile years. The complaint is the highest successful the Asia-Pacific.

Col. Liao besides warned astir the intelligence warfare being raged against Taiwan by the Chinese communist regime. He wrote that successful caller years, owed to the interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic, galore people’s enactment and different activities person shifted to online portion facing a important summation successful the frequence of the CCP’s cyberattacks.

In addition, the CCP’s cyber service continues to motorboat “disinformation campaigns” to manipulate nationalist sentiment successful Taiwan done societal media posts and fake news, provoking antagonistic emotions among Taiwanese connected societal issues and causing societal division.

Col. Liao suggested that successful summation to efforts to raising cyber information consciousness and online safety, the authorities should pb a “Cyber Warfare Offensive and Defense Drill” with the backstage sector, to accumulate acquisition and countermeasures for preventing much superior problems successful the future.

He besides advised backstage citizens to enactment unneurotic to amended Taiwan’s wide cyber security. He suggested that radical should amended their online habits, beryllium much vigilant erstwhile choosing IT products, debar sharing information with chartless parties, debar opening unfamiliar oregon chartless emails and attachments, debar linking and logging into unfamiliar websites, and not downloading unauthorized software.

Wu Min-chou contributed to the report.

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