Taiwan’s Exports Down for Three Consecutive Months Amid Weakening Chinese Economy

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Impacted by China’s weakening system and falling request from end-users, Taiwan’s Department of Statistics said that the country’s export orders plunged by 23.4 percent in November compared to the aforesaid period past year.

The driblet marked the 3rd consecutive monthly year-on-year diminution and the sharpest autumn since March 2009.

Experts said it is astir a foregone decision that the yearly show of Taiwan’s exports constitutes a recession and that the archetypal fractional of adjacent twelvemonth is not looking optimistic.

Data released by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) connected Dec. 20 showed Taiwan’s export orders successful November totaled $50.1 billion, down 23.4 percent from a twelvemonth earlier, a overmuch greater driblet than the ministry’s forecast of a 14.5 to 17.6 percent.

Huang Yu-ling, caput of the MOEA’s Department of Statistics, forecast that the export orders for December volition scope from $47 cardinal to $49 billion, down 27.8 to 30.8 percent from a twelvemonth earlier, marking the 4th consecutive monthly year-on-year decline.

As for the 2022 4th fourth (Q4), Huang expects exports to scope from $152.5 cardinal to $154.5 billion, down 9.0 to 10.2 percent from the 3rd 4th and down 19.7 to 20.8 percent from a twelvemonth earlier.

Huang added that “next twelvemonth volition beryllium a precise uncertain era” arsenic export orders are intimately related to the planetary economy. She pointed retired factors specified arsenic hikes successful the planetary inflation rate, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the U.S.-China tech war, arsenic good arsenic the precocious uncertainty of China’s economy.

Amid the large COVID-19 outbreak successful China, the show of Taiwan’s export orders adjacent twelvemonth remains to beryllium seen.

Chiou Jiunn-Rong, a prof of economics astatine Taiwan’s National Central University, told The Epoch Times connected Dec. 23 that ostentation causes a diminution successful existent income.

He said that a discrepancy occurs erstwhile the terms of goods and services increases but consumers’ wages stay the same, arsenic this leads to a alteration successful purchasing power.

“As the ostentation becomes much and much terrible done the 2nd fractional of past twelvemonth to this full year, the purchasing powerfulness of the satellite declined, resulting successful a diminution successful terminal demand,” Chiou said.

“Another crushed [for the diminution successful demand] is that manufacturers had accumulated a ample magnitude of inventory, including semiconductor chips, owed to the breached proviso concatenation successful the past 2 years.”

Chiou said the excess inventory occupation apt would not beryllium solved earlier the 2nd 4th of 2023 and that predicted export numbers successful the archetypal fractional of adjacent twelvemonth are not optimistic. He past urged radical to beryllium mentally prepared for the worsening economical trend.

On the taxable of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s continuous involvement complaint hikes, Chiou expects that each large economies volition beryllium raising involvement rates successful the adjacent six months to a twelvemonth owed to rising planetary inflation.

Lowest Business Confidence successful China successful Nearly A Decade

Business assurance successful China deed its lowest level since January 2013, according to a survey released by World Economics connected Dec. 19, reflecting the interaction of surging COVID-19 cases connected economical activity.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) abrupt determination to wantonness its zero-COVID argumentation without a program guardant near the country’s aesculapian strategy with small clip to prepare.

As galore arsenic 37 cardinal radical are contracting COVID successful a azygous time successful China, according to leaked minutes from a gathering of the country’s apical wellness assemblage and confirmed by aggregate quality outlets.

“The survey suggests powerfully that the maturation complaint of the Chinese economy has slowed rather dramatically, and whitethorn beryllium heading for [a] recession successful 2023,” the World Economics reported.

China’s GDP is expected to turn lone 3 percent this year, its worst show successful astir fractional a century, according to Reuters.

Chiou said the CCP’s unchecked reopening is the biggest adaptable successful the abbreviated term, arsenic the accelerated dispersed of COVID successful China has earnestly affected the country’s manufacturing industry.

“Because the satellite relies heavy connected China’s proviso chain, if a nexus successful the proviso concatenation is broken, the global proviso chain volition beryllium affected. In addition, China’s request marketplace besides accounts for a comparatively ample proportionality of the planetary market, and China’s request has shrunk severely, which is different antagonistic quality for the planetary market,” helium said.

Rita Huang

Rita Huang is simply a Taiwan-based fiscal quality journalist. She has contributed to The Epoch Times since 2014.

Sean Tseng

Sean Tseng is simply a Taiwan-based writer. He focuses connected China news.