Teacher Who Disrupted BC School Vaccine Clinic Saying Parental Consent Is Needed Reprimanded for Yelling

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A precocious schoolhouse teacher, who was suspended without wage aft raising his dependable successful a pop-up COVID vaccine session portion objecting to students receiving shots without parental permission, has been formally disciplined by the British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation.

On Jan. 24, a consent solution statement was posted online by the provincial regulatory board, stating that Patrick James Nelson—not to beryllium confused with different teacher with the aforesaid archetypal and past sanction but a antithetic mediate initial, besides successful the aforesaid schoolhouse district—signed an agreed connection of facts that said the events amounted to nonrecreational misconduct.

Nelson, who could not beryllium reached for comment, works arsenic a teacher for School District 82 Coast Mountains, which covers the country successful northwestern B.C. betwixt Prince Rupert and Prince George.

According to the solution agreement, connected Oct. 6, 2021, Nelson objected to a COVID vaccine session that had been acceptable up successful the schoolhouse cafeteria.

“Students who were legally capable to marque decisions for themselves were encouraged to be the session successful bid to get vaccinated,” said the agreement.

Nelson near the people helium was teaching, made his mode to the cafeteria and “angrily interrupted and disrupted” the cafeteria with students present. Nelson said wellness authorization nurses were “guests” astatine the schoolhouse and had “no ineligible close to immunize students without parental permission.”

Nelson said the vaccines were “experimental, dangerous, and poisonous and should not beryllium used,” and said the wellness authorization unit were being “unethical” successful however they presented vaccine information, and however they offered vaccines to children.

He concluded by saying the wellness workers should beryllium “ashamed of themselves.”

Reportedly immoderate students successful the cafeteria were upset and had to leave, and different schoolhouse unit subordinate called the office.


The statement goes connected to accidental that 1 of the nurses attempted to calm Nelson down, and helium “approached the caregiver without wearing a disguise implicit his chemoreceptor and mouth” and “proceeded to outcry and constituent his digit successful the nurse’s face.”

During this discussion, the caregiver was 8 to 10 centimetres distant from Nelson, which the regulatory assemblage notes was not accordant with “physical distancing information protocols” successful spot by the schoolhouse district.

Nelson was formally written up and suspended without wage from March 7 to March 18, 2021, and forced to constitute a written apology to the wellness nurses, and be a gathering with students and unit astatine the school.

He was besides made to acquisition a mandatory course, “Reinforcing Respectful Professional Boundaries and Human Relations,” earlier Sept. 1, 2022.

It was Nelson’s 2nd clip taking the course, arsenic helium was antecedently instructed to bash truthful connected Nov. 12, 2019, aft being disciplined past for utilizing a curse connection erstwhile frustrated successful class.