Ted Cruz condemns Big Bird for advocating Covid vaccines for kids

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The Texas legislator Ted Cruz led conservatives successful condemnation of a much-loved nationalist fig for advocating Covid-19 vaccinations for children. Big Bird.

This week saw final US approval for five- to 11-year-olds to person the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine. Sesame Street, which has offered Covid advice before, duly deployed its fashionable characters to promote parents to support their children.

Big Bird, who contempt his immense size and to immoderate somewhat overbearing mien is according to the beloved amusement perpetually six-and-a-half-years-old, announced connected Saturday that helium had been vaccinated.

“I got the Covid-19 vaccine today!” the hulkingly benevolent yellowish avian announced, utilizing an due communications platform, Twitter.

“My helping is feeling a small sore, but it’ll springiness my assemblage an other protective boost that keeps maine and others healthy. [CNN reporter] Erica Hill adjacent said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a small bird. I had nary idea!”

Cruz responded: “Government propaganda … for your 5 twelvemonth old!”

Other rightwingers piled in. Lisa Boothe, a Fox News contributor, said “brainwashing children who are not astatine hazard from Covid” was “twisted”.

Children are astatine hazard from Covid, if little truthful than adults. In October, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said 66 children aged betwixt 5 and 11 had died from Covid-19 successful the US. Children tin infect others and infections successful the 5 to 11 property radical are rising, the CDC said, accounting for 10.6% of caller Covid cases.

Undeterred, Steve Cortes, a big connected the blimpish Newsmax network, said of Big Bird’s tweet: “This benignant of propaganda is really evil. Your children are not statistically astatine risk, and should not beryllium pressured into a marque caller treatment. Do Not Comply!”

Resistance to vaccine mandates and different Covid nationalist wellness measures persists successful Republican states, contempt a US death toll of much than 753,000 from a caseload of astir 46.5m.

On Saturday, a blimpish justice successful New Orleans issued a impermanent stay connected a national regularisation which says businesses with much than 100 employees indispensable request vaccinations oregon play testing. The Biden medication said it was assured it would prevail.

Cruz, who precocious made headlines by defending the archetypal amendment close to springiness Nazi salutes astatine schoolhouse committee meetings, seemed to bask his enactment connected the day’s progressive beforehand successful the broiling civilization war.

He also tweeted: “Liberals are weird. They don’t attraction astir unfastened borders. Or rising inflation. Or schools covering up intersexual assaults. Or the catastrophe of Afghanistan. Or tyrannical Dem[ocrat]s violating aesculapian privateness and freedom.

“But criticise Big Bird? And they suffer their sh[it].”

The atrocious quality for Cruz was that Big Bird seems improbable to halt his nationalist wellness advocacy, which helium has pursued for years. In 1972, for example, helium helped archer children: “Don’t wait, vaccinate!”

As the Twitter relationship Muppet Wiki – “fans and professionals moving unneurotic to physique the champion assets astir the Muppets, Sesame Street and Jim Henson” – put it: “Big Bird is truthful polite. Be similar Big Bird.”