Ted Cruz Says Midterms Will Be ‘Red Tsunami’, Democrats Can Only Focus on Abortion

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said the GOP would retake the U.S. Senate and House bulk during the November midterm elections.

“I deliberation we are going to spot a question election,” Cruz told Fox News connected Oct. 6. “I deliberation it’s going to beryllium a tsunami.”

“Republicans are going to retake some the House and Senate,” helium continued. “I deliberation successful the House, we could easy extremity up with a bulk of 30, 40, 50 votes. In the Senate, I deliberation we are going to retake the majority. I deliberation we volition extremity up with astir 53 Republicans successful the Senate.”

Cruz, who was successful Arizona arsenic portion of a multi-state run autobus tour, pointed to the Republican’s vantage with record-high ostentation and state prices.

“People are energized,” Cruz said. “They are [expletive] astatine the idiots successful Washington astatine the absorption of the country. They are huffy astatine inflation. They are huffy astatine state prices. They are huffy astatine transgression and chaos astatine our confederate borderline and furious astatine the taste Marxists trying to destruct our country. That’s wherefore I deliberation it’s going to beryllium a cardinal question predetermination this year.”

Democrats’ Only Talking Points Is Abortion

As for the Democrats’ run connected termination aft Supreme Court’s determination to overturn Roe v. Wade successful July, the lawmaker said determination was nary different contented the enactment could absorption on.

“What would you speech about? You couldn’t speech astir the system due to the fact that the system has gone to [expletive] nether Biden. You couldn’t speech astir ostentation due to the fact that the terms of everything is up. Gas is much than doubly arsenic high. Mortgages are 3 times arsenic high. You couldn’t speech astir transgression due to the fact that we’ve got execution rates skyrocketing crossed the country,” Cruz said.

“You surely couldn’t speech astir amerciable immigration,” helium continued. “If you effort to speech overseas policy, Biden’s surrender to the Taliban is simply a loser,”

“So they’re near with abortion, and they’re trying to marque it each astir abortion. And the brainsick happening astir it is, the Supreme Court has returned that contented to the voters. So now, each authorities volition determine the termination laws successful their states. The laws volition bespeak the values of their citizens. It’s democracy.”

Cultural Marxists are trying to destruct the top state successful the past of the world, they’re trying to portion distant our freedoms, and they’re trying to destruct our safety!

Arizona, ballot for @KariLake and @bgmasters! pic.twitter.com/rPAVAGjoay

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) October 6, 2022

Cruz suggested the aggregate issues plaguing the Biden medication would marque November’s midterm similar the predetermination successful 2010 erstwhile the GOP won 63 Houses seats and gained power of the chamber.

“It is simply a cardinal alteration election, and I couldn’t beryllium much excited astir it,” helium said.

The remarks came hours aft Cruz finished a rally successful Arizona’s Queen Creek for GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake and Senate campaigner Blake Masters.

Master, a tech entrepreneur endorsed by erstwhile president Donald Trump, is facing a blistery race against Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly. The Senate contention was considered 1 of the 5 keys determining the power of Washington.

Cruz has repeatedly expressed his assurance that the GOP volition flip capable seats to regain power of some chambers.

“We are heading towards not conscionable a reddish question but a tsunami successful November,” Cruze said successful a June interview connected The Dan O’Donnell Show.

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