Teen gets revenge on adults who shamed her Princess Di homecoming look

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Princess Diana revenge formal  grace brumfield The outfit was reminiscent of the Princess of Wales' 1994 achromatic "Revenge Dress." Left: Courtesy of @mgracebrumfie

Princess Diana would not approve.

A precocious schoolhouse pupil claimed she was shamed by adults via Facebook for her homecoming formal that was inspired by the precocious Princess of Wales.

Grace Brumfield from Alabama posted a TikTok astir her acquisition that has accumulated implicit 10 cardinal views, 2.5 cardinal likes — and a full lotta trash talk.

The 17-year-old’s now-viral video features homecoming photos of herself and her fellow looking precise lovey-dovey successful a gorgeous sunflower field. Brumfield past shared screenshots of comments she received from aggravated babe boomers connected the societal media app. Many commented saying the lewk was “trashy” and “inappropriate.”

Another hater’s remark that Brumfield posted successful her TikTok: “Wow did her parents spot her successful that? Way excessively abbreviated and trashy connected specified a beauteous girl. Leave thing to the imagination, nary request to enactment it ALL retired there.”

The alleged “inappropriate” formal was a achromatic mini with ruffled sleeves. The outfit was reminiscent of a precise chic and iconic Lady Di manner moment. The homecoming formal reminded viewers of Diana’s achromatic “Revenge Dress.” The disconnected the shoulder, Christina Stambolian-designed evening gown was worn to an lawsuit successful 1994 astatine the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. 

princess Diana revenge dressPrincess Diana’s “Revenge Dress” successful each of its gorgeous glory.Getty Images

The abbreviated and sultry frock was worn conscionable soon aft her ex-husband Prince Charles admitted to having an adulterous affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Hence, she wore the formal retired of “revenge” due to the fact that of its scandalous quality and hemline.

Brumfield spoke to Buzzfeed News about the ordeal, saying, “We took our homecoming pictures successful a sunflower tract that was planted successful memorial for a chap adjacent named Dalton Defilipi, who passed distant past year.” Her boyfriend’s ma posted them successful a Facebook radical called Sunflowers and Daisies. And that’s wherever the grownups got nasty.

“My boyfriend’s ma started telling maine however the pictures had determination astir 32,000 likes. She was talking astir each the bully comments, and past she said, ‘And of course, determination are the antagonistic ones arsenic well,’ ” she continued.

The precocious schoolhouse inferior added, “My bosom benignant of instantly sank due to the fact that I felt truthful assured astir my quality and attire that night, and I didn’t privation that assurance I had to beryllium successful a mode stolen from me. I person been picked connected my full beingness — my freshman year, I moved schools due to the fact that it got truthful bad.”

She explained she was mostly disappointed astatine the information that the commenters were mostly mothers and grandmothers. “The lone question I had was, Why? I didn’t spot thing incorrect with my photos, truthful wherefore were determination antagonistic comments?” Brumfield wondered.

One remark successful particular that she said wounded her the astir was from a pistillate named Rhonda. “She said that based connected the mode I was dressed, I was asking to beryllium raped. As a unfortunate of intersexual assault, it conscionable made my humor boil due to the fact that apparel are not the reasons that men and women are assaulted,” Brumfield told the outlet.

grace brumfeld tiktokThe precocious schooler shared a screenshot of 1 remark that wounded her the most. Left: Courtesy of @mgracebrumfie

“I formal the mode I formal due to the fact that I cognize what looks bully connected my assemblage and what makes maine consciousness assured successful my ain skin. Nobody other has the close to archer idiosyncratic to screen up much due to the fact that it’s distracting — older men and women request to beryllium taught to power themselves,” Brumfield said.