‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Has Another Awkward Reunion With Daughter Leah

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November 2, 2021 9:00PM EDT

Amber Portwood went implicit to Gary and Kristina’s to spot Leah during the Nov. 2 occurrence of ‘Teen Mom OG’, but it turned retired to beryllium a very quiescent dinner.

Amber Portwood‘s girl Leah has nary involvement successful repairing their fractured relationship. The 12-year-old made that precise wide during the Nov. 2 occurrence of Teen Mom OG, erstwhile Amber went implicit to ex Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina‘s, location to spot Leah and articulation them for dinner. But erstwhile Amber asked Leah astir a movie she was gushing over, Leah didn’t amusement overmuch involvement successful entertaining the conversation.

Then, to marque matters worse, Leah yet started describing the movie she was talking to her sister about, and it sounded eerily akin to their current, real-life situation. “It’s astir a girl, who is 5. Then, her ma is simply a deed by a car. So then, the ma is simply a demon and tries to termination everybody. Then, the ma was trying to instrumentality the miss from the dad,” Leah said, arsenic we wondered whether she was making the full happening up and sees her ma arsenic a “demon”. Obviously, Amber was ne'er deed by a car and she doesn’t effort to termination everybody, but she is ever verbally attacking Gary and Kristina, truthful possibly there’s a correlation? Or, we’re wholly overthinking this. Either way, the country was hard to watch.

Determined to instrumentality it slow, Amber goes implicit to Gary and Kristina's to spot Leah for a precise quiescent dinner. 🍽 #TeenMomOG pic.twitter.com/xqS7QncUCn

— Teen Mom (@TeenMom) November 1, 2021

Amber ended up leaving the meal alternatively abruptly and aboriginal told her shaper that she wasn’t satisfied with the mode things went. Still, she said she’ll support showing up and proving to Leah that she’s not going anywhere, truthful we’ll spot however that plays out.

Later, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra explained Carly’s adoption to girl Nova, and it seemed to person gone good due to the fact that erstwhile they asked her if she wants to person kids 1 day, she said she didn’t know. They laughed and told her it was a bully reply earlier signaling a video of her signing “Happy Birthday” to Carly. Then, erstwhile they sent the video to Carly’s parents, Carly’s ma asked Tyler and Catelynn if they’d beryllium funny successful readying a hangout with Carly. They, of course, said yes, and we’ll spot that spell down adjacent week.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne Floyd recovered retired that she volition apt beryllium induced for the information of her babe — she besides learned that her sister is large and staying successful Los Angeles, truthful their caller babies volition present turn up together.

On Carly's 12th birthday, Catelynn and Tyler speech to Nova astir the adoption. Her knowing is beauteous accurate. 😂💘 #TeenMomOG pic.twitter.com/d8ynDuuJS4

— Teen Mom (@TeenMom) November 2, 2021

Finally, Maci Bookout made steadfast manner changes to assistance negociate her PCOS. (Don’t hatred us, but we miss having Ryan Edwards connected the show. At slightest their play was absorbing to watch.) And aft celebrating Broncs‘s graduation from Pre-K, Mackenzie McKee and hubby Josh faced a determination connected whether to clasp Jaxie backmost from 2nd grade. Josh thought it’d beryllium a bully idea, but Mackenzie wanted to hold different twelvemonth earlier making that decision.

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