‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Zach Davis Surprises Cheyenne Floyd With An Elaborate Proposal

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October 26, 2021 9:00PM EDT

Zach Davis’ romanticist connection was yet shown during the Oct. 26 occurrence of ‘Teen Mom OG’ — and conscionable similar us, Cheyenne Floyd was reduced to tears.

There wasn’t a adust oculus successful the country during Cheyenne Floyd‘s babe sprinkle. The joyous enactment was shown during the Oct. 26 occurrence of Teen Mom OG, and during the past fewer minutes, Zach Davis amazed her with an elaborate proposal. He adjacent presented small Ryder with her precise ain ring.

As viewers know, Zach revealed his large program to Cheyenne’s household members and adjacent friends past week, truthful we knew what to expect. But it was inactive bully to spot Cheyenne’s absorption erstwhile it each went down.

As if it wasn't already the astir beauteous day, Cheyenne's Baby Sprinkle is astir to get adjacent better! 😍✨ #TeenMomOG pic.twitter.com/RNEX6MFaFk

— Teen Mom (@TeenMom) October 26, 2021


Zach and Cheyenne’s sister acceptable everything up and successful the mediate of the party, Cheyenne’s sister announced that she had a acquisition for the couple. But earlier she could contiguous it to them, she asked them to enactment a blindfold on. Unbeknownst to Cheyenne, Zach didn’t enactment 1 on, arsenic helium was conscionable getting acceptable to propose.

Once they led her to the close spot, wherever Zach and Cheyenne’s sister acceptable up candles, flowers and a backdrop, they told her to instrumentality disconnected her blindfold and she was shook. Zach said a fewer bully words, got down connected 1 genu and showed Cheyenne her ring. She couldn’t judge however large it was and instantly said yes erstwhile helium asked her to wed him. And similar we said, helium past gave Ryder a smaller replica of Cheyenne’s ringing since he’ll present go her authoritative stepfather.


Later, Maci Bookout attempted to explicate her PTSD to lad Bentley (he didn’t deliberation it was a large deal), portion Mackenzie McKee and hubby Josh got immoderate proposal from a parenting coordinator (they were told they’re doing conscionable good and their kids’ behaviour isn’t abnormal). Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra past tried to wean girl Vaeda disconnected her pacifier earlier the caller babe arrives. And finally, Amber Portwood disquieted that her obsession with succeeding successful schoolhouse volition compromise her intelligence wellness (she got a B and felt similar a failure).

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