‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’: Briana DeJesus Reveals Why She & Boyfriend Bobby Scott Split

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Briana DeJesus

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Viewers of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter yet got to spot wherefore Briana DeJesus broke up with fellow Bobby Scott. During the Nov. 29 occurrence of the series, the 28-year-old confirmed they split. The long-distance narration had a promising start, but the romance took a crook for the worse erstwhile Briana asked Bobby for abstraction and (shocker) helium really gave it to her.

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— Teen Mom (@TeenMom) November 29, 2022

“I’m conscionable going to archer him we request to instrumentality immoderate clip for my intelligence health,” Briana explained to her person of the play Shae. “It’s agelong region truthful it’s a batch of effort. Space for maine is, ‘I don’t privation to consciousness the unit of we person to pass 24/7 oregon beryllium connected Facetime.’ I inactive privation him to cheque up connected me. Hopefully, he’ll inactive scope retired and enactment maine successful my decision.”

After asking for abstraction — via substance connection — Briana didn’t perceive from Bobby for 3 weeks. So she reached retired to him again to find retired wherefore helium stopped talking to her (yes, really). When she discovered that Bobby was already successful Florida she asked him if they could person a speech face-to-face.

“I deliberation it takes 2 to marque a narration enactment and some of america are not putting successful the work,” Briana told Bobby astatine a java shop. “Maybe I’m asking for excessively overmuch with the incorrect person. If I’m depressed oregon sad, I conscionable privation my spouse to amusement that they’re there.”

She added, “I’m not blessed successful this narration close now. In my eyes, I deliberation we are over.”

Bobby tried explaining to Briana that helium was lone honoring her wishes — aft all, she virtually asked him to springiness her immoderate abstraction — but she didn’t privation to perceive immoderate of it. She aboriginal told Shae, “I request idiosyncratic determination for maine and helium wasn’t there.”

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